Friday, 30 December 2011

my finished kitchen !!!

At last it's done. Can you believe we actually started it in June, but then life got in the way ie. working for a living, and choices to be made, with finances taken into account.

Just a couple of notes first -
1)   We DON'T really like the unit doors, BUT financially we couldn't do everything.
Our biggest expense was having a new boiler and having it moved, including all the pipework.
It cost loads and added to the other necessary items, the doors will have to stay for now.
I know I can paint them, but these doors are a horrible kind of plastic shrink wrap and I don't think the paint would survive - not in our household anyway !!!

What we did change -
the oven and hob,
the sink and taps,
the work surfaces,
the back door,
the flooring,
and the fridge freezer.

Then we added a couple of new units, shelving, the cupboard door, and the wall covering.

My old geezer in a BEFORE pic. Luckily his 12 year old daughter took these photos of her Dad at work as I took none - I didn't blog then !!!

You can just see the fridge freezer that used to be in the space on the left at the back, and the boiler.
The ceiling had been re-plastered ages ago and we hoped to have at least one wall of exposed bricks, but they weren't any good.

THE AFTER - a shot taken at virtually the same angle.

Another BEFORE shot.

There's the ghastly old boiler, the dropped ceiling, that accommodates a section of the stairs, and three layers of tiles, that the old geezer is trying to prise off.


The wall units came from the other side (they seriously blocked out the light).
One new double unit at the end. A new fridge and freezer (well actually second hand off ebay, but in very good condition). Re-purposed wood into new shelves (no cost). And of course a new work top.

Before this, there were two butchers blocks and a little drinks fridge here - so hardly any work top at all. And also there was yet another inbuilt cupboard at the end, but we blocked this off because it can be reached via the hall.

And the last BEFORE shot I have.
Old oven and extractor fan, beech effect doors AND work top AND floor actually !

And NOW.

My nice new induction hob and oven. Less cupboards getting in my way. New 'cashmere white' worktop - it's the best we could find for our budget.

Another view. The wall units used to be here blocking out the light !
My new ceramic sink (ebay), and taps (local diy store) and OOPS I've forgotten to silicone round the sink (truthfully I've been putting it off because it's not easy stuff to use).
Also apologies - please don't look out the window. The 'lean to' (not posh enough to be called a conservatory) needs some serious work.

I love my little fan, but even more I love the little pully system that opens the top window.

This house was built in 1935 and this is original, so I can't bring myself to re-string it or change the 'ends', but perhaps I should ?

Other favourite things - my little hooks,

Painted white of course.

My duallit toaster - a gift ! Everyone should have a best friend like Pandy.

My £3.00 shelf, which I wrote about here

And the doors I wrote about here

and here

And I'm loving the new darker laminate - you can see the old one in the hall in this picture.
We have enough of this to do the whole ground floor, and it was on sale. What would have cost us about £500, cost us £250 - for the whole lot.

So, it's done YIPEE. I love my new kitchen and so it's onto the hall - I may just be injecting a little bit of colour, and thanks if you stayed for the whole post. You know what it's like though - keeping a diary like this is quite a cathartic process.

Thanks to everyone who visits x
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All the best to all of you for 2012

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  1. Great job Fiona! I bet you're really happy now that it's over and you can enjoy it! Looking forward to your next DIY project!
    Love, Olga

  2. Nice and FRESH. Doesn't that feel good?
    Holly @ Down to Earth Style

  3. a fabulous transformation. Hard work paid off in a big way. Well done. Hugs! P.S. I hope you'll stop by Katherines Corner and add your lovely blog to my blog list page :-)

  4. It turned out so lovely. Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Visiting from Home sweet Home linky party.

  5. You two did a great job. It took me a minute to figure out what a hob was. :-) Looks fantastic. Enjoy!

  6. Hi Reigna, thank you - I can't think of any other word for a hob. What do you call it ?

  7. Hi I am visiting from the Newbie Party and decided to follow you. I know you are so thrilled with your kitchen it looks great! Come over and visit me if you get a chance!

  8. Wow! What great transformations! I am your newest follower via the newbie party. I hope you will follow me, too! Happy New Year!

  9. Hello! Found you while blog hopping. Nice job on your kitchen. My husband and I are in the process of redoing ours and it's taking forever! But I know that in the end, it will all be worth it!

  10. Hello ! I found you via DebbieDoos Newbie party! Your kitchen is bright and lovely. I love your sink ! I was wondering about the hob too, is it a cook top? I'm following you now too. Hope you have time to pop over and check out my blog :)

  11. That is awesome! Looks great! Visiting from the Newbie Party. :) Happy New Year!!

  12. Just a beautiful kitchen, I love your sink! You both did a great job on it!

  13. Wow, it is gorgeous!! I'm pinning for future reference when I get to do my kitchen!

    I found your blog through Debbiedoos and I'm so glad to be your newest follower!! Come visit me sometime at and follow me back if you get a chance! :)

  14. amazing kitchen! love your bottle cap clock and really everything you have displayed! following you from Debbie's party:) hope you can come visit me too!

  15. Your kitchen turned out beautiful! You can tell you put so much sweat into it, but well worth every drop. I'm a new follower, please drop by for a visit when you can.

  16. I love your kitchen. It is beautiful, so fresh. Found you on the Debbiedoo's Newbie Party. Come checkout what is going on at Suppers, Youngans, & Thangs. Happy New Year!

  17. Your kitchen is beautiful. So fresh. I found you at Debbiedoo's Newbie Party. Come check out what is happening at Suppers, Youngans, & Thangs. Happy New Year.

  18. Hello visiting from Debbie-doos!! I think you kitchen turned out great and i absolutely love the name of your blog, i'm getting ready to go white myself!

  19. Stopping in from Debbiedoos Newbie party. Just loving your kitchen!


  20. What a terrific transformation!

    Thank you for for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!

    I am a friend and follower and hope you will be too!

  21. Great makeover! I love the sink you used and that great clock! I love older homes (mine is from 1920 which is old here in Washington state) and can't wait to check around your blog some more.

  22. Your kitchen turned out beautifully. Love it! Come show it off and my Show & Tell party which kicks off on Wednesdays every week. You can find the party at


  23. Thanks for sharing your wonderful kitchen with my newbie party. Have fun...and Happy New year.

  24. This is almost unbelievable! It's gorgeous!!! I'm totally jealous of your kitchen now. ;) I can't believe how much work you guys put into this. If someone had shown me those before and after photos and I hadn't seen the work you were putting into it, I would never believe it was the same space. I'm floored. This is so impressive!! The light, the color choices! I love those warm woods and, I'm gushing over here. This is TOO pretty!

  25. It looks great Fiona! Nothing like a new kitchen :) I honestly don't think the cabinet doors are bad! But I'm seriously loving your new flooring, the darker shade looks beautiful especially with your white backsplash :)

  26. You all did a great job on your kitchen. I love how bright and cozy it is. : ).. We have a small kitchen as well and I would love to remodel ours. Looks great!

  27. You guys did a great job, and it's gorgeous! Now you kitchen is so pretty and functional. Love how removing the one cabinet opened up the space, love seeing the before and afters, really gives us a sense of the project. Thanks for sharing your kitchen's inspiration over at Sunday's Best

  28. Your kitchen turned out great! I love the little cookbook corner. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  29. Fantastic! I love the beadboard and that little inset cabinet is genius.

  30. I was drawn to your blog not only from the Newbie Party but also because I love the color white! What an amazing job you did!!! Looking forward to checking out your whole blog site.

  31. I'm so glad I found you through Debbiedoo. I have serious envy over that sink! I'm your newest member. ~ Maureen

  32. your kitchen is gorgeous, fiona! we are in the middle of our kitchen redo--lots of hard work!

  33. You know how much I love your kitchen, for its pure white on the walls, pretty decorative shelving and the sweet pink and red themed prints; how adorable are they?!!



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