Sunday, 18 December 2011

christmas house tour 2011

I know some of you may have seen all of this before, but the projects I've
been working on today aren't ready, so I'm doing a little house tour !

I had fun trying out THREE mantles here but opted to go back to the original one because it ties in with the decor on the Christmas tree, and because I'm a sentimentalist. These little decs have been with me for ages and maybe they are too tacky or twee, but I love them !

I really liked my mantle with 'a little bit of bling', so I moved it onto the sideboard in the dining room.


I added this large cloche, that wouldn't have fitted on my mantle.

And also this storm lantern with shells, which is from our bedroom.

The hall.

My old wreath with a quick makeover ( Yes I know - the front door really needs painting !)

I did put up a little 'garland' in my kitchen yesterday.

One packet of ikea biscuits (I couldn't believe there was actually ten inside, for £1.00 !!!).
Some little ribbons and a bit of string !
The kitchen smells great ( my old geezer has already eaten the other packet I bought, as they smelled so good).

And finally - my favourite Santa, candles, a tea light holder and my grandmother's mini Christmas tree.
The garlands !?! Well I still have a few days yet, and also there is the dining table to do.
(I'm still hoping I'll have time to paint it first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Here's wishing everyone who sees this a very Merry Christmas x

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  1. Woah... Your Christmas decorating has put me to shame! Will tackle a hall table today! LOL!
    The bickie idea is too cute...

  2. Very pretty! I'm a huge fan of all of the mercury glass, I love a little sparkle and glamour!

  3. Well look at you just go with all that decorating!! You've certainly outdone me. ;) I think it's great that you decided to keep some of the older ornaments and decorations that you have. Sure it's nice to have a room that looks like it fell out of Pottery Barn but I'd trade it in any day for one that's filled with things that hold meaning and make me smile. I can tell your decorations mean something to you more than just whether they make the house look pretty. :)

    That cookie garland is adorable too! I love that idea. I don't think they'd last long around my house. My hubby would devour them. ;)

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. So pretty. I love the cookies hung up with ribbon....I think I love it all.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments. I hope you'll visit often.

    Merry Christmas

  5. Such delicate and dainty festive touches! Aren't those Ikea cookies the cutest?! Your home is filled with 'a visions of sugar plums' vibe, Fiona; simply charming!



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