Friday, 16 December 2011

a little bit of history (about a house and a sofa !)

I had to go back to my home town of Sevenoaks again, the last couple of days. Nothing to do with Christmas, but nice all the same.

Sevenoaks is a really pretty town with a famous old school and it's very own stately home - 
Knole House.

Knole House sits in a 1,000 acre deer park and was built in the 15th century. Henry VIII actually owned it at one time. In later years it belonged to the Sackville family and subsequently to the author Vita Sackville-West.
I used to go there a lot as a child, and did some sponsored walks with school there when I was a teenager. You see the deer everywhere, and I remember one, once trying to nibble my ear !

Today, when I was there it snowed, and the park looked amazing. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to take photos.

Knole House contains the prototype for a kind of sofa that is quite unusual. Apparently it was originally designed as a kind of formal throne. The sides are the same height as the back, and are adjustable, being held to the back by decorative cord, tied to finials.
On my way home I visited my old (and much spoken of ) friend Pandy to find that she had finally uncovered her KNOLE SOFA in time for Christmas.
It sits in her conservatory which is hardly used at the moment, so it's usually covered up !

Pandy has very traditional and classic taste - usually.
Take one Knole Sofa and cover it in something unexpected and -

Oh yes - a Knole sofa in leopard print velvet !

And the rest of  the conservatory with Christmas presents all ready.

And her own Christmas decorations.

The tree is in her drawing room, and the photos below are from her tv rom.

And a little picture of her downstairs cloakroom (powder room!).

So now I am back home again and hoping to stay - I have spent too many hours in the car this week. NINE hours on Tuesday (don't ask !!!) and then a few more hours over the last couple of days.

Hopefully, I can just get on with my own projects. Christmas card writing tonight !
I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and not stressing out too much !



  1. Love all the gorgeous Christmas Inspiration!

  2. Oh wow. She has a beautiful home!! I love that couch though I admit I'd want it covered in a different fabric. The design of it is just awesome though. I also really like the wreath she has on the mirror. I admit I'm a little jealous that you live close enough to such a beautiful park that you went there a lot as a child. I adore places like that and as a history buff, I'm fascinated by them. Thanks for sharing this!


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