Wednesday, 14 December 2011

'the beatles' and a bargain

My partner has a Beatles poster, that he loves, because it was given to him by his 12 year old daughter, and also because he loves the Beatles.
The only place it fits, is over our new sideboard in the dining room - which will DEFINATELY get a makeover (in the form of paint) sometime soon.

I just put these things on temporarily, and although my old geezer loved the (slightly wonky) lamp here, it really belongs in our room and I need to make this space more funky.
On Saturday I found the perfect frame in a charity shop - the exact size and £20 ! You couldn't get a piece this size framed for less than £100.

The frame is nice and dark, so it just needed a couple of layers of white (not very exciting I know, but it picks out the zebra crossing on Abbey Road, the beetle and John Lennon's suit !!!!!!!!) and a little bit of distressing with sandpaper and voila !

I'm loving the lamp but in actual fact the shade isn't purple atall, it's brown, like the wood and not very nice when the light is on. I really wish it WAS purple as it goes with the poster more.
The old geezer loves it and the room is taking shape.

You might have noticed that this is my 'little bit of bling' mantle, as I knew it would work here and wanted to use the new glass cloche. I put a linen runner on the sideboard to lighten it up and I'm really pleased with the eclectic mix !

Sorry about the picture quality - I must stop using my phone, but it is so easy.

But 'what about the bargain' I hear you ask.
Ah - the bargain.
The old picture was leaning against the wall under some bookcases and something pretty special was lurking ( well to me anyway) behind it. I had seen the frame in the charity shop loads of times before, so I guess no-one had bothered looking behind it, or they would have found this !

A beautiful etching of 'Mont St. Michel', which is somewhere I have always fancied visiting, and situated off the coast of Normandy in France.
And at the BARGAIN price of £6 - how could I resist. It's about 12x18", so now I am on the lookout for the right frame (not sure where I will hang it though).


Also this week, I sorted out my wreath, from this -

a tired old thing, sat in the loft for years, to this -

stripped of everything, to this -

sprayed white and with white twigs added.
It looks a bit of a mess here - but I am really happy with it, and there was no cost, as it was all stuff I had.

I also did ALL my christmas cards - although I do have to write them still.

I pretty much did them all the same as it was easier !

I have also been carrying on with my kitchen, but there is nothing to show yet, and tomorrow I have to go away for another couple of days. I would rather stay at home but c'est la vie !



  1. Oh where do I begin??

    First, let me thank you for stopping in and leaving such amazingly lovely comments on my posts. I'm super glad you liked my necklace so much!

    But let's talk about you and what you've got going on here! I LOVE the re-do on that sideboard. Talk about a huge difference! The linen runner really helps brighten that up and it goes so well with the silvers you brought in. I think you did great with the repaint on the frame and it really does tie it all in together quite nicely. If that lamp shade isn't purple, you really need to dye it that color or something because that little pop of bright violet is one of the things I love about this photo. I think it would brighten up so much of the sideboard!

    And that bargain!! I love older etchings like that and that is going to be just amazing when you get it all framed and hung up. :) Any plans for where you want it?

    The wreath looks so much better! If I saw that in a store, I'd definitely be checking the price tag to see if I could afford it. It's amazing what some paint and a little nature can do for a wreath! I think it's really lovely!

    And last but not least, your holiday cards are super cute! I haven't had time with all my studies to make my own cards this year, sadly. Perhaps next year. These are just adorable though and I know everyone receiving one will be thrilled. :)

    Can't wait to see what you're up to next!

  2. Thanks Otter, I have no idea where to put the etching yet - I think I've got too many ideas running round in my head already !
    Unfortunately the shade is too dark to dye but I'm thinking of re-covering it and using it in my little office/studio and getting a larger lamp (I have a thrifty idea in my ever so busy head !)


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