Saturday, 10 December 2011

super crazy christmas decoration addiction

***  I finally got my old geezer up in the loft today, to get down the christmas decs  ***

Working away for the last week has been hard - I kept seeing bloggers decorate their homes, and I just couldn't wait to get on with mine !

Well here I am - I hope you're sitting comfortably !

I have a serious christmas decoration addiction !

The boxes !

 The before - my lounge with simple home-made mantle and lovely log burner.

A few HOURS later - the after !

The hall.

My decorations don't include tinsel or glass baubles (let's face it - there isn't much room on my tree for tinsel), but I do have criteria. They are generally wood, metal or fabric. Santa's are my favourite, and most of my decs are red, white, green or gold and silver.

The reindeer is actually resin, but he is so cute.

Yes, there are often more than one on a branch, but I love them all jostling for space !
The long santa face is one of my favourite and my oldest.

Another favourite - my santa Russian dolls. They cost £1 about 20 years ago !!!!!

So, do you think I am a little crazy ? I have actually been collecting them for about 30 years, so I don't think that works out as too many per year. And lots were presents.

This years purchases, all from different places. I tend to buy in pairs or get 'the set' if there is one.

I didn't post or even blog on Friday as it was my birthday - but had some great presents from my best friend Amanda. She really knows my taste.

More decorations.

She saw me eyeing up this lovely book in a shop.

And this one - and of course it caught my eye because I follow Fifi's blog.

And my favourite shell chocolates. The little box from Pandy because she knows I'm dieting and the bigger box from my old geezers daughter. It was so sweet of her - it was my birthday after all.

I couldn't resist these when I was out shopping in T K Maxx. Have I mentioned it was my birthday !

Unfortunately I didn't come home with these (I am sure the bank manager was happy), they didn't have my size. And I don't wear heels much, so I probably would have looked at them, more than wore them !

But I found something almost better -

A great big glass cloche, and only £7.99. The last time I found one this size it was £16.99 and I didn't go for it. I like 'things' to be around £10 unless they are lamps, or furniture etc.

So, there it is - did you stay till the end. Well either way there will be more christmas tomorrow as I haven't quite finished yet.........

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  1. You have lovely decorations! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. How nice! It smells like Christmas in your home! Actually your tree looks a lot like mine! And this pair of shoes, the grey ones.... love them! I think you should buy them! Happy belated birthday my dear Sag!
    Love, Olga

  3. Wow, that's a lot of Christmas! Heh. I love the fact that you have criteria for your ornaments. I had thought of doing that at one point but I just wound up over time with a crazy mix. I love, love, love the shoes. Both sets are right in my area of tastes. And that cloche??? OMG, sheep love right there. What plans do you have for that?

  4. Oh, I just love looking at Christmas decorations! It;s so fun to see what you've done! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and for taking the time to introduce yourself!

  5. You are right, Christmas decorating can become addicting! Your tree is so beautiful and festive!. Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

    I have become a friend and follower!


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