Sunday, 4 December 2011

piece by piece

Our house is like a little jigsaw - coming together piece by piece.
I haven't got a definitive list because every room needs work, but we are gradually getting there.
Yesterday a very odd thing happened - my old geezer ACTUALLY FOUND a very pretty light fitting for our hall. I am quite miffed that he saw it's potential before me.

AND it's basically a CHANDELIER with pieces of shell ! He doesn't normally like this sort of thing.
WHAT'S MORE - he has even put it up today !

It's SO PRETTY - I just love it. It really brings a new dimension to the hall.

Work still to be done in here - I would like a radiator cover (and preferably a shorter radiator as this goes almost to the bottom of the stairs). Then panelling to dado rail height which would also run up the stairs.
Then I need to paint all the woodwork and the front door. The woodwork is a sort of duck egg blue at the moment but I want to paint it a putty colour to tone with the darker laminate we will lay. (I don't love the door but my old geezer does so it will stay - for now !!!)
I also need to re-do my bureau as I did this years ago - maybe change the colour a bit.

The best bit about the light - it was £9 in a charity shop and I also picked up a few other pieces.

Little drink mats, a wooden pot that I will  'just paint white' ! A bonsai pot, a spoon, and a glass tray with feet that are all for little projects I have in mind. A fluted plate and my favourite thing - a blue and white pot with a lid (probably came with a stilton in it).

I don't need it but who could resist at £2 !!! In fact the total for the lot £19.20 and that's INCLUDING the light fitting !

Tomorrow I have to go away to work again but will hopefully finish the job on Thursday or Friday, and I am SO looking forward to coming back home and having a couple of weeks before Christmas to get on with the house, finish the christmas cards, get the decs out and numerous other things..............................

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  1. Love your new light fixture. And the blue and white pot is very beautiful as well.

    Have a great week ahead!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a lovely charm bracelet, if you like.


  2. Hi Fiona,

    The light fixture looks perfect in your entryway, adding that little touch of bling! And, yes, my favourite of your treasures is that dreamy blue and white pot and lid. Is it porcelain, ceramic? It looks like it was meant to be yours, sitting there so prettily with the other lovelies on the shelf.

    Hope you get this; it's only 3 1/2 years later!;))


  3. I found your blog and I liked it so I started reading it from the beginning.

    The fluted plate seems a Duralux plate called 'Marguerite' (Daisy). If Lesieur is written on it, it was given away with tokens collected from cooking oil bottles (Lesieur). These are quite collectable in France.

    Have a nice day,


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