Tuesday, 20 December 2011

playing with displaying !

I can't stop fiddling around with 'stuff'.
I do seem to waste alot of time 'fluffing' and 'primping' when I should be getting on.

But today is a good day, I'm finishing off the kitchen (been in our tiny boiler cupboard painting it out), AND finishing off a little thrifty find, which means 'playing with displaying' !!!

I'd already bought two ikea rails- which at £1.49 each are bargains in themselves.

But the lovely white enamel colander I got in ikea won't fit here so I needed some thing else.

I found this at a charity shop for £3. It's perfect - not only does it have the hooks I need, but I now have another place on which to display stuff.
So three layers of white and a bit of distressing and I'm in love (ok slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean !!!!!!!!)

I just love it all on our white t&g.
The salt box I've had since I was a child, and came from Austria. I thought I might paint it white, but actually I think I'm just going to leave it.
The fish mould £3, mini pie pan 50p and glass plate 50p are all recent charity shop finds.
The pink and white striped jug was my mothers and the other things I've just shifted around from the other shelves I have.

So it's back to the boiler cupboard for me - hoping to show you my finished kitchen soon, although I didn't blog when we started it, eons ago, so there won't be much of a 'before'.

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  1. I just love the hurricane glass and the wire basket you have on the shelf. Looks great! Have fun finishing up the boiler closet.

  2. Can you believe I nearly threw the storm lantern out because it had a yuccy brown base, and I just didn't love it (even though there are etched stars all over). All I can say is thank goodness for white paint !!!

  3. Oh wow, that shelf looks SO much better! Can you believe the difference a little paint makes? It looks really nice with the rest of your organizing and I really like the distressing too. Great work!

  4. It looks really pretty. Ikea is totally the best. I love how it feels new and vintage. Great job and keep on playing!

  5. It looks great!
    White can do miracles!

  6. Great job Fiona! Keep on sharing the good stuff!

  7. A little tiny announcement... you're now and officially on my reading list! (you know...right side bar at my blog!)

  8. Cute ideas. I love the layered look with your little shelf and the ikea bar. I need me some hangys for my kitchen :) Would sure help with the drawer clutter.

    I'm your newest follower ;) Can't wait to see what else you have been up to.

  9. Saw this over at Coastal Charm's party... love the collection! Also love the name of your blog and the quote by Morris... in fact, my 2012 resolution (and recent post) is based on it! Will follow your blog... happy new year!


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