Friday, 23 December 2011

for Olga and Otter

I love blogging.
I love the inspiration it gives me.
I love the fact that it gets me off the sofa and makes me do stuff.
And I love the fact that you can talk to people all over the world about a shared interest.

So, this is a little thank you to a couple of blogging friends who have followed, visited and commented often, and given me much needed guidance (thanks Olga).

One of my handmade cards for

And one for
Thanks ladies for all the lovely comments and the cards look nice on my
christmas tree card holder (lol).

I hope you both have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

And the same goes for anyone else reading this - best wishes to all of you.

I'm off to play at table display (just can't stop !)


  1. Fiona, this was really touching! Thank you for this cute card! Hope you Have a merry merry Christmas!
    Many kisses!

  2. Awwww. Thank you so much!!! I didn't see this till now as I've been out of town but this is just so sweet of you! Thank you, hon. Feedback is so vital to any crafter, I think, and I'm happy to provide it! You have such an imagination and so much great style. :) Thank you for being my blogging buddy. Hope the holidays were everything you wanted and more.


It's always a pleasure to receive your comments. I really enjoy reading them, and a huge thank you if you are following as well !