Sunday, 11 December 2011

three mantles !

Not content with decorating the lounge for christmas - I thought I would do a couple of extra options !
Other bloggers style has inspired me.

Firstly, my traditional, mostly red mantle.

Or - how about a 'nearly white' mantle

For the 'almost white' mantle I used a window box I had, dried twigs from the beach, decorations and lights from my collection and other white twigs that I have had for years. I only bought the moss  which was £1 and actually for another project, and a can of white spray £5 - but there is lots of this left to use on other things.

So - there is one final mantle to see. I will call it 'a little bit of bling'.

I had the votives, and silver twigs and champagne glasses. The other items were presents apart from the mercury glass balls that I bought recently - the only glass baubles I own !

I love all the mantles, but I can only keep one displayed here. 
So which do you prefer, and which one do you think I left for christmas ???

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  1. Yikes hard decision. They're all lovely but my personal fav is #3. I adore the bling and mercury glass. Everything just sparkles :)

    And thank you for visiting my blog. I'm following here as well.

  2. I prefer the white mantel with the box! Definitely this one! So special and unique!

  3. My favorite is the white mantel. I love the idea of the window box and natural branches but I also love a little bling. (Maybe combine them?) Super job on all three! Newest follower.

  4. Very gorgeous! I love all three, but I think the box/basket is my favorite...

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I'm a new follower on yours as well.


  5. Just love the diversity of it al! What a fabulous idea. I have to follow your blog journey as you share my core belief of only bringing into your home things of use or beauty!!! Glad to see it reflected in your mantles!!!

  6. I think the bling mantle is gorgeous! i just love mercury glass.....thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now your newest follower :)

  7. Shoot, its hard to pick! They all look pretty. I love the mercury glass. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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  9. I started with my traditional Christmas decorations and by looking different blog and seen all the beautiful ideas I'm going bananas ;)...Your space look great!!! i love all the little detail. Inspiring if you ask me !!! iela

  10. I love them all, love the basket one with the pretty twigs and ornaments. Thank you for visiting me, I am now following you as well!! We can visit often. Di

  11. I love the white mantel with the mercury glass - just beautiful!! Sally

  12. Your one ambitious girl - 3 mantels! I've had trouble just doing one! I really love all three. Each is beautiful in its own way. But if truth be told the 1st one is my favorite. BTW, your mantel looks like very rustic wood, and it's ever so pretty. Thanks for joining in on Sunday's Best and sharing your creativity with us. PS - Now following you! Come back and do the same!


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