Wednesday, 21 December 2011

inspiring bloggers

Seeing everyone else in blogland get on with their own homes, has really inspired me to get a move on with mine.

I have always had tons of ideas but occasionally now, I come across something that really makes me think outside of my own little box ! I've never been that much into salvage yards, but I definately need to visit some now because I totally love Holly's bedroom at

It's the headboard that really inspires me - the window, the mirror, the shelf and the chipped and shabby frame. I want one !!!! I think I would like to do a whole wall of something like this, that goes behind my bedside tables as well.

The pictures could go side by side if I did a long wall of wood and then I may be able to incorporate the candle sconces into the frame.
The lamps need re-painting as they were once in my lounge. I also need to replace the shades as one is broken, although I do love the 'bobble fringe'. The bedside tables were given to me like this and seriously need a facelift.

What's more, the old geezer loves the idea too, so it's off to some salvage yards we go (after Christmas of course.)

The second blogger who really inspires me is Donna at - someone whom I'm sure you all know and love. But the one project that really hit me is her white twig chandelier.

How great is this ? I just think it's amazing and replicating it is going to be hard, but I have a light fitting that I really detest (well it's actually not mine, it belongs to my old geezer !) and it is seriously in need of an overhaul.

I never took very good christmas mantle pictures because all I could see was this beast in the reflection. Well it'll definately go white and then I need to go find someone with some vines !


  1. That's the hard part about blogs and pintrest, so many amazing ideas from amazing people. I'm glad you've found some inspiration, I hope it all comes out great! Can't wait to see!

  2. Well- now you are inspiring me -- what's next on the adgenda besides Christmas wrapping? I would love to see a whole wall of windows and chippy cool! That chandelier makeover is awesome!!!

    Merry Merry Christmas!!!!


  3. That chandelier is really nice!!!
    I´m going to have to try to do one too!
    Very nice way to find new blogs. Thank you!

  4. Oh I LOVE looking through blogs for inspiration. It's so tough to decide what to make, isn't it? Everytime I think I know what I want the room to look like, I find something else to make it even better. I'm buying my first home soon though so I don't want to start redoing the bedroom till we move in. >__> I'm glad you guys were inspired to change up your room though! That chandelier is lovely and headboard is just so neat. So much going on that is unexpected!


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