Friday, 2 December 2011

my last choice

So I have found my fifth choice for the Liebster Award, it is - a blog with absolutely gorgeous interiors, inspiration for the day I win the lottery !!! 
( if you accept this award tg interiors the details are in the post before this one - thanks).


I am back home now after my third week away. I love staying with my oldest friend, but it is great to come home - I especially miss my little dog. I think my old geezer quite likes it because our dog gives him more attention when I am not here !

I have to thank Pandy for making me do loads of paperwork - I had been complaining about it - and for helping me do it.
Every evening I sat down for an hour and a half and worked, then while she was cooking dinner (yes I was totally spoilt) I blogged, and blogged and blogged.

On her table there are loads of catalogues and I was really struck by this picture -

I have mentioned before that I am not really a pink girl, but I love this cabinet from
Although this catalogue is from 2007 the cabinet is still available and also comes in black, plus there is a similar one in green. I think I may put this on my wish list. They also do other furniture styles, lighting, mirrors and loads more.


  1. How can you not love it? It is gorgeous! Really unique! Have a nice weekend Fiona! Oh! And keep track with me tomorrow as a surprise is on the way!

  2. I also love that chest. It is a piece that you would see in a room that Katheryn Ireland would use.Love the style of it.


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