Wednesday, 7 December 2011

eclectic inspiration

How could you not love this ?

And this !

And the amazing mix of styles here

And most of all THIS - a simple, but very chic and desirable bedroom

All photos via here


  1. The dining room with the tolix chairs is everything about it!!

  2. Definitely love these rooms. Very beautiful, chic and eclectic indeed. The unexpected elements are what make these rooms so fabulous!

    Have a lovely day, Fiona!


  3. What a unique idea is this bedroom! Love it. Can I have it please?

  4. How about an arm wrestle - I want it too !!! x

  5. I love the clean, light, and airy feel of all of these rooms. The bedroom light fixture is to die for and I'm trying to figure out how to make something like that. The base at the foot of the bed would actually be pretty easy and might take a weekend. :) Gotta love inspiration rooms!


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