Sunday, 1 January 2012

goodbye 2011 hello 2012 !

Last night I went and watched the old geezer's band playing at a pub in town. They go down well at New Year, because they play a lot of Irish jigs, which always gets people up and dancing.
See them here and here.

And today I've put away all the Christmas decs. I would normally leave them out longer, because our holiday season is quite short here - but I really feel the need to get on.

And I decided to do a little post Christmas mantle - inspired as always by blogland
and the many ever-changing mantle vignettes.

It normally looks like this -

But now it looks like this -

I used the white twigs I had added to my wreath. The larger topiary trees that I made about 15 years ago, were here anyway. The smaller ones are from my little office. I made them from eucalyptus leaves and put them in little metal pots that have a lovely patina.
An old chess board and some fir cones finish it off.
But I felt I wanted something else (there definately ain't no minimalist here either), went to my office and saw the candle sconces.

As I have mentioned before - it is rather full, but I am trying to find the right place for everything.

They were one of the things that I first painted white when we sold the cafe - and why I named this blog the way I did. I knew they would balance out the vignette. I just put two small nails in the frame, that way I can always take them out. And I'm really happy with it.

It's very hard to take pictures because of seeing my reflection in the mirror, but I love it here.
Next to tackle in this room - I want a couple of shelves on either side of the fireplace,
and radiator covers.

I haven't made a list for 2012 because I always have about 5 lists on the go anyway.
1. Little touch up jobs around the house.
2. Which pieces of furniture need painting for us.
3. Which furniture needs painting to sell.
4. What I'd like to do to each room.
4. Ideas I have for pictures and paintings for us, and to sell.

2012 is going to be pretty busy, because I need to work as well.
And of course blogging is pretty addictive and takes up quite a bit of time !!!


  1. I really like the new mantel, very cute. I'm getting annoyed when you take pictured with glass in a frame and you can see the room. I find taking pictures during the day with the natural light helps, because sometimes things looks dark in pics but not dark in real life. And at night no matter how many lights I put on, the pictured come out looking different. Good luck, and I'm excited about all your lists!

  2. Thanks Jen, yes I know what you mean about taking photos in daylight, but I get too impatient, and just wanted to do the post !

  3. I love the shelf. Looks great. You've got an awesome collection as well. Some of those pots- so cute. Looks good!

  4. Ha ha Fiona! You're so impatient! But I love that you're spontaneous! Just like me! Typical sags!
    Love, olga

  5. Thanks Olga, and Yes - you just can't stop me, I'm on a roll and long may it continue. xx

  6. Hello ... it's nice to meet and follow you.
    stop by sometime.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  7. Your mantle looks lovely. And since I'm a new follower I'm going to do some snooping around your lovely blog.

    Thanks for following me too.


  8. How very pretty! I love the sconces. And yay for great Irish music and pubs! During my whirlwind tour of Ireland, the pubs were some of my favorite places because everyone was so friendly and so lively. The music is great and I'm really happy to know you had a great new year!

  9. Very pretty vignette, Fiona. Love the white sconces; they're so elegant and rustic at the same time. The topiaries are very cute and add a lovely balance of shape and substance. I also really like the ambiance of the room when it is lit up, very soft and glowing. Just beautiful!


  10. What a pretty vignette! The white sconces are so elegant, yet rustic, too and the topiaries really balance the space with shape and substance! Also, I love the way the room glows in the lamplight, so very ambient!



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