Monday, 30 January 2012

did I do it ?????

Did I do it ?
Did I finish my 'impossible' challenge ?




Thunderbirds are GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oops, what I meant to say was....................

Ten floating white shelves, instead of two 'red' ikea bookcases,
collapsing with the weight !!!

I was obviously so eager to get on, that I forgot to take a picture of
the bookcases together in one shot.
But this -

became this -

and this - (my side of the chimney breast)

became this -

MY challenge - imagining the impossible, was to use a 'hammer drill' to
put up some shelves myself.
There was method in my madness, because while I'm doing THIS, the dear
old geezer can be doing SOMETHING ELSE - to be posted another day !

I started with two shelves in the lounge, which I posted about here
then started on the dining room, which I wrote about  here

We got the wood from the wood yard, cut to size £120 for 14 pieces.
I still have two for the tops of radiator cabinets in the lounge.
It is 4cm deep and some of the pieces were a bit tight, so I had to
cut them down.
We only have a 'jigsaw', so it wasn't fast !
The jigsaw has now become the 'judder saw' - because that's what I
fe-fe-fe-feel like when I'm using it.

Anyway - handy hints -
a) don't try to chisel out wood where there is a knot, it is
TEN TIMES HARDER (lesson learnt quick).
b) when the hammer drill stops working, buy a new 'bit' -
I got through two (it'll be the bricks)
c) when chiselling out wood, you need two tools - the chisel and a hammer
NOT the chisel and your THUMB (lesson learnt quick)

NB - it's probably NOT a good idea watching Johnny Depp as
Capn' Jack Sparrow while chiselling - even though you may love
his slightly effeminate swagger and beautifully slurred cockney accent !!!

(Yes folks - I did it in the lounge, hey it's cold outside, and the whole house
is covered in fine brick dust anyway, even though I used loads of dust sheets !)

You may have noticed some extra books running above the old geezer's side.
They are actually ghastly sliding doors between the lounge and dining-room.
But we have a master plan ! We're going to remove them completely,
when the old geezer turns the garage into a den/music room/rehearsal studio !

Oops - still got to find a bit of skirting !!!

It WILL look lovely, one day, when I have a lounge-diner.

SOOOOO a BIG THANK YOU to all the ladies who inspired me to do this.
The sense of achievement is far outweighed by the feeling I get when I walk
in the room - it's bigger, it's brighter and I've loved looking at my collection again.
There are books that belonged to my parents, books on crafts, paint effects,
sewing and gardening. Travel books, historical places - I've even
culled them and managed to throw out two !!!
 And I've discovered stuff I'd forgotten about, but will share with you later on.

I'm boring you all I know - SORRY - go check out these lovely ladies
Linda did paint her amazingly high vaulted ceiling a beautiful shade of blue here
Karianne made her first loaf of amazingly tasty looking bread here
Karah made a gorgeous gallery wall with only one screw here
Kelly did an incredible job of clearing out her basement here
Andrea organised her craft room - go check out this deliciously pretty room here
and Stacey actually sewed a beautiful bag for the first time here

I will be linking up to all these blogs when the parties begin
on 31st January and the blogs on my sidebar.

first the radiator cabinets........the flooring needs to go down....the hall....panelling....wardrobes, yes, new, the wood yard......drilling.....easy peasy.....................  
Sorry, day-dreaming, I'm going now, honestly I am........................................................


  1. aww great job, I'm so proud of you, and it looks fantastic!

  2. Way to go Fiona! It must feel great to have completed the challenge. I am posting in a bit about my "epic fail"....oh well - it was the thought that counted! hahaha

  3. This is FABULOUS!! I know how difficult it is to do anything with brick walls--I've dealt with a few in my time. It looks lovely and I'm so glad to see that someone else loves keeping books--so many people are in love with the IDEA of books, instead of the books themselves. I love my books--some of them nearly as much as I love my DL!

  4. You are going to be known in your parts as the hammer drill queen! Way to crank out your challenge. What you gonna work on next?


  5. Great job, your shelves turned out terrific!

  6. I had absolute faith in you! I looks great. Love the majolica dish! ~ Maureen

  7. Soon all the world will know of the Hammer Drill Queen!


  8. YAY!!! Your shelves really turned out terrific and you've arranged all of those books so nicely. I'd probably just throw them all on Way to go...just in time. Can't wait to see what you do next. I'm raring to go now too...

  9. Congratulations! Your "impossible" looks incredible! I love the white and the custom look! You are a rockstar! The link up starts at 7am EST!


  10. It looks fantastic Fiona - well done you! xx Nat

  11. You did it, you did it! There you go girl! And it looks fantastic! Keep up the good work, keep up daydreaming!

  12. Fiona,

    What an amazing transformation of your space. Those "hammer drilled in" shelves give it a whole new wonderful feel!

    Thanks for taking on the challenge ... and all your words of encouragement along the way.


  13. Wow - you sure can handle a jigsaw - Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud mate!! It looks amazing - love the look of built ins! So glad you joined our Impossible Challenge!

  14. Wow what a reveal- those shelves look totally professional!

  15. Well done! I think I need some of your inspiration to sort out all the books in our house! Your shelves are great. Felicitations!

  16. You are a power tool queen, I'd chop my fingers off so I am really impressed. Thanks for commenting on my String Art

  17. You are a power tools queen, I'd chop my fingers off or drill my leg, so I am really impressed! Thanks for commenting and pinning my String Art

  18. It's amazing how built-ins can really transform a room. I'm planning on adding a bunch of floating shelves to my house, as well. Who needs cheapy bookcases, anyway? Thank you for inspiring me!

  19. Oh my, I NEED some of these. Beautifully made and wonderfully accessorized!

    Thanks so much for joining the challenge!

  20. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! WHITE DOES WONDERS!!!!!!! your arrangement is fabulous and it is a SENSATIONAL MAKE OVER!!!!!!!!! color me impressed -- i have a feeling though you would color me WHITE : ) lol!!! sending hugs....

  21. Congrats! It looks fabulous! I'm so proud of YOU! <3 from your newest follower and fellow {new} blogger :) Please check out my impossibility and follow back!


  22. Love, love, love the floating shelves. I would've liked to do something more like this for my library, and am still hoping for my living room. Maybe your project will be just the inspiration I need to make it happen.

  23. such a huge change, fiona:) i just love your shelves--they are so much brighter, and lighter looking! bookshelves are on my wish list--someday:)

  24. The shelves look really good! Laughing at your ja ja ja jigsaw!!!

  25. Wow, I'm so impressed. If only I were so talented. I'm what you would call "stylistically challenged". haaaa but you've inspired me!

    I came over from a blog list and decided to say hello and follow! I'm finding so many amazing people! Would you be willing to visit and follow me?

  26. Fiona! It looks wonderful! so tidy and yet full of life!
    I had to catch up with your posts, somehow I missed a few, but I´m all updated already.
    Good job!

  27. Oh, I love what you've done with your shelves! They look so even and balanced. You MADE THEM????! Nice job!

    Can you believe there are so many of us "Impossible" gals out there?

    ~ Dana
    Cooking at Cafe D
    "Jimmy John's Kitchen" Project

  28. LOL! Love the did a great job! Everything looks so put together now. I'm now following so I can see what else you do....stop by and share the follower love, Lori

  29. You are like me - books, books, books. I had to move a lot of them to the attic. My goals is to actually create a library up in the attic.


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