Wednesday, 4 January 2012

my musings

I'm feeling full of creativity and desperate to get on with stuff but I have other things to do. Yesterday I spent about eight hours at my desk doing paperwork - very boring. Today I did some of the same, but snatched a couple of hours to 'play'.
I've persuaded the dear old geezer to change the radiator in the hall for a smaller one. He's very clever like that - he read a plumbing book and taught himself about the heating system and changing pipes and rads etc. So we will look for a smaller one on ebay. While that job is in the pipeline, so to speak; I have been thinking about the alcoves in the lounge.

The space is symmetrical, with two identical alcoves and uplighters on the walls.
I am fed up with the pictures - I did them years ago and really want a change.

The first thing I'm going to do is replace the pictures above for two pictures I found in my nearest charity shop.

The guy in the shop said they were book pages, but they aren't - they are just very good photocopies, but either way, they were a great find at £1.50 for the two.
I'm considering sticking them on canvases like these or looking for second hand frames.

I'm so pleased with them - they may not be pretty fish, but I love the colours and all the detail.

I have an idea for the walls of the alcoves - I've been looking at my home, the way I would a client's house, and I think I have the answer (I want to start tomorrow!). Then I'm going to have a floating shelf on each side.


My other mis-spent time today was playing with the dining-room sideboard.
When I first started, the poor old geezer rolled his eyes something chronic - a bit too much girlie stuff, just too much pretty.

I just wanted to try loads of glass cloches, vases, apothecary jars - they are all so effective for display.
But they don't really go with my old geezer's beloved Beatles poster.


No, I haven't switched the shade - it changes colour depending on the camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An old mandolin, and a wire model of Brighton Pavilion.

It's not my favourite display, but I wanted to show you my light-bulb light.

I think old light bulbs are gorgeous, especially the screw in ones. I lowered them gently into a vase while feeding in some pretty fairy lights. At Christmas you could use glass baubles, but this light is fun all year round.

Do you now think I've gone a bit bananas ?


  1. Im glad you are feeling creative, I hope you get time tomorrow to work. I like the fish pictures. They are kind of ugly fish, but I still like them. Lol. And I like your little display, sometimes when I feel like things are getting too girly I play with materials. I'll add some metal with glass, or mirror with something rusty. If you added some stuff leaning on your husbands Beatles picture it could look like all one display, like a tall frame or mirror. Good luck!

  2. Fiona, this idea with the old lamps in the glass and the little lights lightened up, I find it genious! And I love love love love the Beatles poster! But Fiona, seriously now... this lamp changes colour depending on the camera??? Ladies and gentlemen we just entered the Twilight Zone! LOL

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  4. Fiona, I like the lights...I never thought to use old light bulbs. I have some small lights that I wanted to put on a counter...maybe I should consider mixing with old light bulbs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lol. I love the adjectives :-)

    The light bulbs in the vase is lovely. I really like that one. Nice displays.

    I'd hate to meet those fish while snorkeling or diving... :-)

  6. Sorry I haven't been around as much this week but things have been hectic. I'll explain in my blog soon. In the meantime, how about those cute fish? Sure the fishes themselves might not be all that attractive but I think that's part of their charm. There's something great about the very graphic nature of them and the colors are so fun. As for the geezer's table, I adore that idea of using old bulbs for a light. How original! :) I'd never have thought to do that but I love them! Fairy lights are just so much fun. Are yours battery run or plugged in. If plugged in, how did you get around the cord coming out of the vase? I like the addition of the mandolin and the little wire sculpture but I think maybe the shell vase could scoot to the other side of the mandolin and snuggle down with those pretty silvery lanterns. There's a lot of height on one side and I think pushing the bigger vase over to create a triplet with the two silver pieces might help balance it all out even more. I fear it's currently vying for attention with your lovely light fixture.

  7. Hey Fiona, just stopped by to say i have passed on the Blog on Fire award to you! Check it out!

  8. I like these displays...and using the bulb is so creative! I just did a little makeover in my downstairs bath with an ocean theme. I enjoyed my visit, thanks!

  9. I love the light bulb lights, and you know what I love the mandolin and the Beatles picture. Isn't that what is called an eclectic design? Cute with personality - his and hers!



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