Thursday, 12 January 2012

an impossible challenge

Linda over @IT All Started With Paint and a few of her friends have been posing this question, and challenging all of us to 'Imagine the Impossibilities' !!!
Well I have been considering it for a couple of days and now I am ready to take up the challenge.
Their impossibilities range from painting a vaulted ceiling to baking bread for the first time.

My impossible is using a HAMMER DRILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to put up 10 shelves.
Yes ladies, that's 10 SHELVES.

Our walls (like most of the walls in the UK) are brick and plaster, so you need a hammer drill.
I hate using one, it's hard to get the d... thing to go in straight. I put up two shelves ONCE that only needed two fixings each, and it was ok. But I have persuaded the dear old geezer that my little idea of 10 floating shelves in the dining room will work. So now I just need to do it.

I should have chosen
a) purging my office/craft room - but I'm actually looking forward to that one.
If it had been earlier in the month I would have said
b) finishing all my paperwork for the last financial year - but I finished it on Tuesday !!!
My current wish list involves
c) making two really interesting radiator cabinets - but the budget doesn't allow for that at the moment.

SO - I have the wood.
I have put up ONE shelf as a trial, in the lounge.
I have a big headache from all the drilling, and I need to put up the other one.
THEN I need to find somewhere to put ALL the books while I put up new shelves
in the dining room.

These are the old geezer's books. They are mostly reading books as you can probably tell.

These are my hard-back books on crafts, painting, interiors, gardening, history of art etc, etc.
As you can see, they are in a bit of a mess, as they are too heavy for the shelves, and keep falling down. So I need some really strong shelving, and that is my plan.
By the way, these were from Ikea and they only cost about £20 each, and as we have had them for about 4 years, it's not too much of a waste of money. Also, we will save the one that isn't warped and use it somewhere else.

So, if you feel like taking up the challenge, just click on the button below, and tell Linda your ideas !


  1. Wow! Our little challenge has crossed the pond! Thank you so much for signing up and giving us such a wonderful 'shout out' ... and good luck with one. Just the word "hammer drill" makes me run for the hills ...



  2. hi there! how are you across the pond! this is just Brilliant that you have joined us! i can't to see your final project!!!! exciting to say the least! i will be watching -- i am now officially your newest follower! sending hugs and good fortune! : )

  3. So glad you are joining us. I can't wait to see. I have not even heard of a hammer drill! Sounds "impossible" to me! LOL! Can't wait to see the finished challenge!

  4. Wouldn't even dear to think of it! Fiona, I admire for your courage! Go girl!

  5. Great plan! I love (3 x) books in the dining room... i'll have to think about my goal... maybe painting all the downstairs woodwork white...

  6. Oh my goodness, I want a hammer drill! I can't wait to see how your shelves turn out! Thanks for sharing our button and joining the challenge. Your newest follower!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  7. Cool - I love a gal that can handle a power tool! Thanks for joining our challenge and can't wait to see how you overpower those shelves!

  8. Good luck with this. I'm holding off on these sorts of challenges till we have a home though I guess that IS the impossible challenge for me. ;)


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