Saturday, 14 January 2012

beach junk

I'm not quite ready to start my 'impossible' challenge yet (see post before this) but I have been
playing with some stuff I found on the beach.

 Worthing Beach, West Sussex - last week !
I have collected shells in the past, but recently I have been picking up all sorts of things.
This is my haul so far.

 I really like finding things now, and can't stop looking (even if my little dog would
sometimes rather go to the park !).
I love the simplicity of these things, and the unique way that time
and the sea has aged and softened them. 

First, I took the rusty wire mesh from above, and a pine frame I bought last year for £3.

I painted the frame white, because I want it to stand out against my stencilled walls,
 ( see here )
and distressed it. Took out the glass etc. and stapled the mesh in the back.
And voila -

This is a photo of my brother and I when we were 6 and 4 !!!
I love the contrast of the rust and distressed frame against my walls.

A valentine selection. The gorgeous little metal tag came on a Christmas present.

Next I took a box frame, which cost about £3.50
 (I have been storing stuff for a few months),
and added some brown paper, a fabric sample, some shells, and a little organza ribbon.

I painted the frame with one of the colours from the stencilled wall, because this will
probably end up on the opposite 'white' wall, in a group of pictures.

I have a plan for the large pieces of driftwood, that I am really excited about.
The box frame turned out so well that in the future I will frame some more of my haul.
But the best thing about this project - I didn't go out and buy anything, just used what I had !

Well folks, I must get on, it's Saturday morning and the poor dog is making sad little
whining noises, because I haven't said the 'W' word yet.

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  1. What a great idea. I love your framed shells and pieces of the sea. Also the wire behind the frame is perfect.


  2. How cute!! You are so creative and lucky! I miss the beach, i haven't seen it in about 6 years! I'll have to look for some lake junk this summer, great ideas!!

    1. Thanks Stacey, yes, I believe I am lucky too, I would seriously miss the beach if I moved away. I didn't grow up near the sea, so going there was such a treat, and I guess that feeling has never left me !

    2. 6 years with no beach? I couldn't imagine that! Well maybe you should consider holidays in Greece some time! LOL! I could show you around!

  3. Fiona, they turned out so nice! And the old photo fits perfectly! Can't wait to see what you're planning with the driftwood!

  4. OK, so that little frame is adorable. I can do that! I love when people post projects that I am not overwhelmed by. I happen to have a pile of ugly colored frames that just last week (while dusting to take my blog photos) I decided were dated and added too much clutter. Was gonna toss 'em. Now I'll keep 'em!


  5. love your ideas - brilliant! had to pin it :)

  6. That mesh is gorgeous!! great finds.

  7. It's great to find treasures on the beach! I do it on vacation, but don't live near water. I love what you did with your frame, and your collages are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you do with the other stuff. :)

  8. Fiona - talk about making treasures out of sea junk - they are beautiful! I never would have thought of putting the mesh behind the frame! Lovely!

  9. These are beautiful Fiona, I love this, can't wait to see what you do next!

  10. I really love the valentine frame just gorgeous.

  11. I always pull stuff out of the river that runs behind my house. You given me some great ideas of what to do with some of it. Thanks! ~ Maureen

  12. That looks awesome. Love the wire frame. I can't wait to see the driftwood :-)

  13. LOVE the frame!!! And of course jealous that you are by the beach! We have snow right now!! Thanks for stopping by Harrison Home :)

  14. I love all your treasures and the things you did with them. I especially like the wire mesh in the frame. Very good idea. I found your blog on Debbiedoos Newbie party. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  15. I love it! and I love a good treasure hunt to whether it be in a thrift store or on the beach or in the woods! Great project!!

  16. Hi Fiona - im your newest follower. Love your blog!!!!! Im also a newbie, also love white and the beach and coastal decor. Please pop over and visit when you get a chance. Take care Nat

  17. Now, they really look like treasures! They look wonderful with that frame.
    I love picking up stuff from everywhere too!!

  18. These are all beautiful, you've inspired me to try something different.

  19. Love your blog! Im now a follower!

    Mark @ Room363

  20. These turned out so cute! Love them both!

  21. That turned out so cute. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  22. These are so great! I love finding treasures on the beach and your artwork looks so beautiful. Love it! Thanks also for the lovely comment you left on Silver Pennies.

  23. Great ideas! You've made me really want to go to the beach! (it is 30 degrees here)!!

  24. I do so love the beach. There's something nostalgic about it all that harkens back to being a child. I love what you did with these bits and pieces, proving once again that what one person would walk past without a second thought, someone else can turn into a treasure. :)


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