Tuesday, 29 July 2014

the old sew and sew

For me, sewing is a necessary evil.
That might sound a bit extreme, but I really don't like it.
I can do it, and therefore I do, but I don't like it.

I always make a mistake, I always have to unpick something, and I don't have the patience to measure properly.
That probably sounds wierd because I really needed patience to hang my cabinet doors, but sewing.............
my patience just goes out the window.

But when Carol sent me these...........

and I saw this again........

I knew that I wanted to create a new cover for my sewing machine, because the old plastic one was falling apart,

and it doesn't look very pretty under the desk in the guest room (sewing stuff has to stay in this room because it won't all fit into the cabinet).
That little bag hanging to the right of the desk holds all the electrical bits for the sewing machine and that'll get a makeover soon, but first I made this.
I used some old burlap type fabric, some cream fabric I found in my stash to back it and some printed 'sewing' fabric that I've had for a while.
I masked off a border and used my new alphabet stickers to write 'my sewing machine'. I know it's not very original but that's just the way I roll, stating the obvious !
I used both fonts, something that I think has stuck with me after seeing this at Bliss Ranch. I just love the mix of lettering.
I used some black paint and an old stencilling brush which meant I could use the stickers more than once because I was using a stippling action, pushing the paint into the fabric.
I cut up the old plastic cover and used it as a template to make four sides and a top. I cut up the 'sewing' fabric into little labels and used bondaweb to attach them, stitched it all together (twice, because the first time it went wrong !) and embellished it with ribbons and buttons.
The buttons are all shell buttons and are mostly more interesting on the back than the front.
I also found some great buttons in my Grandmother's button box. They're fabric covered metal, in different sizes and perfect for my new cover.
I used a left over bit of border on the top of the machine, and put an eyelet for the spool pin (which actually comes off so that you can pack it away safely, but I love eyelets after doing this project, so didn't want to waste the opportunity to use one).

At least when guests come to stay, the old sew and sew looks slightly better than a bit of torn old plastic.
So thanks again for the stickers Carol, I love the look of the negative stencilling on fabric and will definitely be doing more. In fact I've kept all the stickers I used because I believe they still have 'stickability' and I can't bear to throw them away.

I need to make over the little bag now, which will probably get the obvious name of 'electrical stuff''.
Unfortunately it won't be any time soon because work is busier than ever. My boss has gone on a three week holiday to the States with his family, and I seem to have been promoted from Head Chef to Manager, even though I was never actually asked !
I won't have a little rant here, but suffice it to say I'm rather shattered so apologies if I haven't paid you a visit recently.
I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Summer.


  1. We just returned from vacation yesterday morning and I am trying to catch up. I was surprised to click on your recent post and see my name.

    I absolutely LOVE the way you did your negative stenciling - the black just pops on the fabric.

    How fun!

    I am glad you made use of your letters and you can certainly use them again and again until they fall apart.

    LOVE IT!

  2. Well, for somebody who doesn't like to sew, you made a top notch custom cover for your machine! The bits of measuring tape and buttons add a lot of personality, along with your negative stenciling! I'm glad you were able to squeeze in a little creative time before your "promotion". It seems I've been "promoted" to working full-time during the nicest days of summer, too. Congratulations to us?

    I hope you earn lots of days off before winter rolls around, Fiona!

  3. Hi Fiona,

    Your old sew and sew is now neatly decked out in a new, 'oh, sew pretty' cover!! Amazing makeover, as always. LOVE the buttons, the lettering and the little bow - TOO CUTE!

    You work such long hours, and now this added responsibility of Manager, too! Don't forget to take the tie to relax and recharge, my crafty friend!


  4. It looks absolutely wonderful! Both the lettering and the buttons add the perfect touch... you'll probably never want to remove the cover now!

  5. your cover is so very cute, fiona! love carols letters and your g-mom's button. maybe a 3 week raise is in order:) take good care!

  6. Oh how I love this! I have been looking for inspiration for making an embroidery machine cover. This is perfect!! I guess I'll have to use "my embroidery machine" as my stencil. Simple yet brilliant!

  7. In addition to being enchanted with your handiwork, I am also admiring the whole space. Everything you've highlighted at your place is so charming. I know I've said that before, but I think it warrants repeating.

    I hope you are amply rewarded for all your efforts at work!

  8. to me; that sewing machine cover is a labour of love and a work of creativity....

  9. Fiona - you never fail to impress me! - this is truly wonderful, such a great idea - I'm going to have to put this on my list of things to do - my plastic sewing machine cover is just stating to rip at the corners! - fab! CJ

  10. Oh my gosh...I love this! You know I can't sew to save my life and my sewing machine is possessed....but you make me want to try.....again!

  11. What a clever cover for your machine. I need to come up with something cute for mine. This does give me some ideas!

  12. Okay... that... is CUTE!! I love it. Hmmm.... got me thinking about my ugly plastic casing that holds my sewing machine.

  13. Figure I'd better pin this oh so cute sewing machine cover. My machine has been sitting on my dining room floor, without a cover, for weeks. I got stuck working all the time, too. If it's going to sit in plain view, I'd better make it look as cute as yours! I hope you are getting a nice raise along with your 'promotion'.

  14. Well done Fiona! I love the style of cover you came up with. Looking forward to seeing the electrical stuff bag in the future!

  15. I tried to email you, but it seems I can't find your address anymore on my email account. I miss your post and I'm a little worried...

  16. Hi Fiona - what a cute post. I just found your blog through Cabin and Cottage and love it so much. You have so many wonderful ideas. I am moving into a very small space soon for the winter (in Ontario, Canada) and you have given me many good ideas for saving space. I'm off to read more. Deb

  17. Oh, I must correct myself. I found you at A Joyful Cottage. Deb

  18. I am just checking to see how you are.

    I miss seeing what you are up to.


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