Saturday, 18 May 2013

on the never never !

The sofa I had in this house before, is now in a friend's house, and they literally finished off their extension around it. They said if I wanted it back I would have to take out a door and a whole door frame, so I left it !

My second option was to buy one on the never never. Buy it now and pay for it later, which seems like never at first and then goes on forever and ever.
I couldn't get the credit, as they obviously thought that I wouldn't pay for it EVER !

Then I had a call from my BFF saying she had bought it for me !
I have mentioned Pandy before, still the bestest friend in the world  - ever !
I have to pay her back of course, but that won't be never, hopefully it will be in the not too distant future (I can't keep the rhyming up any more !).
It's just cream with buttoning on the arms and below the seat. It came with two of the cushions below, which are ok, but I'll make some more sometime.

It's not practical at all, with a dog, so mostly I keep it covered in throws.
This was the living room when I first got the keys back, you can see the very worn carpet in the middle.
Now it looks a little better.

You will probably recognise most things from before, at the old geezers place.
I love the tongue and groove wall that we put up when I lived here before, and the slimline cupboard behind the table, that houses the electric metre.
I don't think I have shown this barley twist table before, but I'm happy that it didn't sell on ebay, because it fits in pretty well here.

On the other side of the room, the cupboards were here when I bought the house, and we put the floating shelves up ourselves.
I just got my log-burner back today actually, with the help of my brother and the old geezer, and I need to take the plug off that lamp and feed it down the back and wire it up again as there is a socket in the cupboard.
This chair also came from Pandy, well her garage. It's in really good condition, though not covered to my taste, so I may just try and make a slip cover for it someday (don't hold your breath).
The view from living room to dining room and then kitchen.

The first job I really need to tackle is fitting some doors to this cabinet, that we never finished. I know what I want, it's just a case of how to achieve it.

Hopefully this won't be a never ever project but a someday very soon project.

Monday, 13 May 2013

changing places

Having moved back to a house I've lived in before, it was very tempting to make it easy for myself and just put everything back in the same place. I've got a few new things though and had fun trying to find space for them all. This is the dining room end of my lounge-diner.

The tenants left the house in pretty good condition apart from a very worn carpet, and although it could all do with a lick of paint (white of course) it doesn't look half bad.
The chandelier and the blinds have been there for years. The marble topped table I had hidden away in my studio at the old geezers, and the chairs were the ones that Pandy found me.
My favourite bit is the table and mirror on the right. I had envisaged the table in the corner where the light is, before I moved back (it was in the guest room at the old geezers) but as you can see below, it didn't quite fit !

Though I still tried wedging it in there !

Putting it on the other wall, worked out perfectly. The gilded mirror was a charity shop find, years ago and was also in the guest room before, and the pictures had been in the kitchen. The plant is a fake and had been in my bedroom.

I'm so glad I didn't let my most recent tenants paint the stripped pine doors.

In the corner is my painted bureau that I used to have in the hall of the old geezers house. Luckily it fits into the alcove where the table didn't.
Once I'd removed the large bit of driftwood (one day I'll have inspiration for it, so far I've only come up with hat stand), I started hanging things. The printers block tray never had a home before, but I love it here with a collection of beach finds and other junk, and I can keep adding to it.

It's already had a few additions !
Everything seems to be fitting in here a lot better. Everything has a place, and everywhere I look, everything seems really 'pretty' to me. At the old geezers I just used to close the doors of certain rooms I didn't like.
The only things I miss, are my stencilled walls and the proximity to the beach. I have just moved further north in the same town, and instead of a 10 minute walk to the beach, it's about half an hour's walk now, but I can't complain.
Next time I'll show you the living room end and my new sofa !

Monday, 6 May 2013

going home !

This post has had many versions, and has been going around my head for months. I have put off writing it many times, because I didn't really know what to say, and because it's going to be pretty boring reading.

It was originally going to be called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and was going to contain a lot of vitriol but time is a great healer, and really I can't be bothered with all that anymore.

Suffice it to say, I do not live with the old geezer any more. It just didn't work out because our timing was all wrong.
When I was besotted with him, he didn't quite feel the same, and when my feelings started waning, his were increasing.
We actually finished our relationship last summer, but decided to stay living together for financial reasons and because we still got on.

At Christmas, things just became too much. He had been Skyping a lot of people through an adult game called Second Life. When I say adult, I mean adult and I hadn't realised that he had been having online relationships for about a year.
It wasn't very comfortable, living in a house with a man who thought he was in love with a 27 year old in Tulsa, Oklahoma, when all I could remember was how he treated me at the beginning of our relationship. He seemed to be more in love with a girl that he had never met, than he ever had been with me.
Btw, the old geezer is 62 !

It sounds a bit ridiculous because I wasn't in love with him any more but as I said, it just became very uncomfortable. Luckily I have a house of my own that I rented out when I moved in with the old geezer. Twice I have nearly sold it because of finances, but managed to keep hold of it. In January I gave the tenants two months notice, and moved back here on the 1st March.

The old geezer's three-bedroom house

My two-bedroom house

It's a much prettier house than the old geezer's, I can't really believe I moved out of here in the first place.
I spent a couple of weeks sorting it out, and then my lodger moved in, because I can't afford to live here on my own.
And therein lies another little drama !

My lodger is my 52 year old brother. He had been living in a bedsit (one room, a bathroom and a kitchen) in our home town and was pretty miserable. He moved in on 28th March and it hasn't been that easy, and is another reason why I haven't blogged. He has his own issues, so I'm not going to tell his story here, and also I started this post about two weeks ago, so I just think I need to post it !!!
Work is really waring me out at the moment, but I really do miss everyone in blogland, so sorry I haven't been around and hopefully the next post will be prettier.

Btw, the 27 year old in Tulsa, turned out to be 44, married and with six kids. The old geezer and I are getting on much better as friends and behind that blue door I have had so much fun arranging stuff, so life is looking a lot better.

Fiona xx