Friday, 28 March 2014


Sometimes are styles are similar, sometimes they are different.
Sometimes things happen in our lives that seem different, sometimes they seem the same.
Sometimes I just want to say 'here is that thing I was talking about, that thing I mentioned to you in passing'.

Here are some of those things........

Donna recently posted about buying some brass candlesticks, and creating a beautiful vignette with blue and white pieces.
I went straight to my bedroom and took this photo of my old Laura Ashley candlestick and some blue and white.
because great minds think alike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirby has a beautiful powder room with a sink on top of an old cabinet and she considers it really small, but you wouldn't even have to sit on the loo to get this shot.
I, on the other hand, have this view when I sit on my loo, because it literally is a loo in a cupboard, a water closet in every sense,
and I promised Kirby a picture.
My not-so-pretty WC
Maureen lives with her beloved 'barbarians', furry creatures who love to demolish everything and anything. They also love to watch tv,
This is Clara Jane
just like my dog. He'd touch the screen if he could, and when creatures run off the screen, he tries to look for them round the room !
Cheryl (who doesn't have a blog - yet) has been posting over at Danni's place while Danni has been doing some major diy to her new house. One of the posts was all about her collection of heads.
It made me go and rescue a small ceramic head from my shed, that had been broken. 
It'll be fixed and hung indoors because, thanks to Cheryl, I remembered how much I love it.
Finally I was talking to CJ recently. She only lives about an hour away from me, so I may get to meet her someday. She is a stockist for Miss Mustard Seed milk paint and soon I'll post about my efforts with the milk paint samples she sent me.

We spoke about getting around to doing things. We all procrastinate and put off the less interesting tasks. We all have huge lists of things we want to create, someday or other.
We'll do this stuff when we get around to it.

I'm very lucky as I have a 'round tuit' of my very own (that my father gave me in the 1970's).
Don't you all wish you had a round tuit of your very own !

Can I just also say that you're truly honoured, seeing a picture of my loo with the horrible blue carpet - sorry folks. I would have waited till I'd repainted the toilet to match my newly madeover bathroom, but I wanted to do this post.
I also normally avoid showing the corner of my living room with all the horrible boxes and cables that my tenants left, and Rufie's little collection of toys. I have plans, big plans,
when I get a round to it of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 17 March 2014

budget bathroom makeover

If you haven't been here before, I've been working on my bathroom since last October, which you can read about here, here, here, and here. With a limited budget, there was no chance of changing the yellow bath or the shower but I knew I could make it look a lot better, and I must say I'm really pleased with the result.

I've put tongue and groove all the way round the room, painted the walls, changed the window treatment, made over the chair and a cabinet, moved the shelves and added a couple of new things.

As I mentioned in the last post, there is now a colour above the new white tongue and groove panelling, albeit a very pale colour. I love Farrow and Ball's Lamp Room Grey, but wanted a lighter version. I had a match pot of it and mixed the grey shade I wanted, then copied it with 5 ltrs of cheap white emulsion and some colourises. It turned out really well, it sometimes looks washed out and almost white but mostly it's a soft pale grey which sets off the whites and driftwood really well.

I put another bit of driftwood under the mirror which balances out the stencilled piece on the other wall.

The tongue and groove wraps round the whole room, but the trickiest bit was sorting out the area around the shower door. There were tiles stuck to the front of the shower tray and up the right hand side.

I took the tiles off and put some skirting along the front, then tongue and groove and then a quarter round to neaten up the edges around the shower doors aluminium frame.

I even did a bit of 'plastering' up the right hand side of the shower.
I love the room from every angle.

I love the look of the old shabby door with the crystal handle, the smart white woodwork and the grey walls.

I love the way the t and g wraps around the built in shower.

I love the newly displayed shelves that look way better than before.

I love the view I see in the morning, as I come along the landing from my bedroom.
I love it because it looks so much better than before.
Before and after.

The mini makeover cost me about £120 , which was mainly the t & g, the wood trim, primer and topcoat and lots of filler. The mirror and the mesh, baskets and fabric for the cabinet cost less than £25 so the total cost over the 6 months I've been doing this has been less than £150.
Ironically the shower broke in December so we haven't been able to use it, but I'm saving all my tips from work to replace it, and I think I'm about half way there.

Did I mention that I love it !

It's all thanks to you really. You keep being creative and it inspires me. You never stop doing stuff and that makes me want to do stuff. You think outside the box in which I dwell and that makes me want to push myself, so thank you, all of you.

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

giving my chair a little bit of storage

I bought these two chairs a couple of years ago from a charity shop. I really liked the one with the barley twist legs and thought I'd leave the other one. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my bff was with me and you know how bff's love to spend your money for you, so I came home with both.

I painted them both in AS Old White and then realised that I actually preferred the one with the wavy back and detailed front legs, so I did it up for my guest room.

The other one sat sad and dejected, unwaxed and unloved for ages, until I moved back here and decided it belonged in my bathroom.
Now that I'm giving my bathroom a mini makeover, my chair needed finishing, but I also need a place to store toilet rolls so I came up with a little solution.
Here is the chair, pre-finishing with a white basket balancing underneath, but on the right because there is only one crossbar.
Solution, add a couple more crossbars.
I got my brother to cut one and then I did the other one and thank goodness for filler because neither of us got our measurements right !
And now I have a chair with storage, and it's the perfect size for 8 toilet rolls, because there's no room for them in the cabinet I made over.
I took off the faux brown leather, and stencilled a bit of fabric with some numbers and re-covered it. I stole this idea from somewhere but can't remember where I saw it, sorry. I also scrounged the fabric from my artist friend David and the basket came from Ikea ages ago, so I haven't spent any money on this at all.

I'm glad I didn't distress the new tongue and groove, because the chair would be lost if I did, and I like the different textures together. I've also convinced myself that the bath isn't acidic yellow, it's looks white to you too, doesn't it !!
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Sunday, 2 March 2014

bathroom update

I can't quite believe that I originally wrote about the start of my bathroom makeover last October, I thought it was much more recent. Well, it is nearly done, but not quite, so here is a bit of my progress.

I planned to put tongue and groove round the whole room and contemplated framing the tiles with the wood. In the end I just took them all off, which was very quick and good fun, and like all good bloggers, I've hoarded them to use for something else.................someday.

I found some really cheap tongue and groove ready cut in the perfect length, which meant I would only have to do cuts round the bath, sink and radiator.
I originally chose the tile colours to detract ones eye from the very acidic yellow bath, but I'm actually really glad they've gone now.
I neglected to take any 'during' photos, because you know how it is when you get stuck into something. I didn't baton the wall, I just stuck the boards to the wall with gripfill, and then used tiny panel pins to fix them, the same as I did here
I put a trim round the top and used a white primer that should impede the knots, and three coats of a water based eggshell finish.

I've been meaning to stencil this piece of driftwood for about two years, but finally got round to it recently after buying some stencils from Amazon. The Latin quote means 'it is sweet to relax at the proper time', which is the perfect quote for lying in the bath.

I'm loving the look of the driftwood with all the whites.

I switched the wooden blind for a small tablecloth that belonged to my Grandmother. I had thought of painting the blind  but it was my brother who suggested taking it down all together and now I love the new window treatment, and the extra light it brings to the room.
So I think that's enough for now, I'll show you the updated chair next time and you might be surprised to know that I've actually painted the walls in a colour - albeit a very pale colour !