Tuesday, 22 January 2013

a curve ball !

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.

Unusually, I saw the curve ball coming and did nothing to soften it's blow.
It hit a week or so before Christmas and I thought I could deal with it.
It turns out that it kept rebounding and still keeps hitting now.

I have a solution, but it is not immediate. It will take me a couple of months.

This is not a tragedy.
No one is ill.
Nothing really dreadful has happened.
I can cope with this, and in a couple of months I will tell my tale and start blogging again.

I'm sorry I've not been visiting or commenting.
Thank you for the enquiries I've had and sorry I didn't answer them.

I am going to try and turn the comments off, because there is not much else to say on the subject.

I love blogging and all the wonderful friendships it has brought and I will return !

Thank you,  Fiona xx