My work

I trained as a printed textile designer, so I have always painted. In about 1993 my oldest friend asked me to help turn her newly built and boring home into something unique. We colourwashed, stencilled, sponged and gilded our way all over her house. This was the way I learnt how to use paints and glazes and I went on to work for a kitchen company who wanted to offer hand-built and hand-painted kitchens.
My work snow-balled from there, and I worked as a decorative artist for about 10 years, getting work through word-of-mouth and never having to advertise.
After a four year break I recently had a few commissions from old clients - so below are some pictures from the early days and more recently.

Colourwashed walls and hand-painted detail.

Faux panelling on wardrobe doors - one of these leads to the en-suite !

Bathroom with colourwashed walls and detail over arch to shower.

Hand-painted string of chillies.

Colourwashed walls and faux 'nook with candle'.

This house also contained the play-room that turned into a pool-room
and which I wrote about here

BIG ideas in a little house.
Egypt at the end of your bed ???

Views of the Nile, across some mdf wardrobes !
The big black box is the tv - I know, it would have been better, if my client
just opened the top doors when she wanted to watch the tv !!!

A ruin under the stairs, in the hall/dining-room.
I badly wanted to put a view through the ruins, but wasn't allowed !

A niche with an urn, complete with cracks - in a downstairs cloakroom.
And a statue on some more mdf doors, just visible on the right.

A swimming pool room, at the bottom of my clients garden.
Before picture with ghastly pink walls.

And after-
unfortunately the radiator pipes are still there !

I imagined a Mediterranean view, complete with terrace and olive tree.

I also imagined the swimming pool room being inside a house, with open
doorways on both sides.

And niches !

Another swimming-pool room, this time with views of the Seine,
because my clients here, love the South of France.

I tried to disguise the boxed pipe in the wall, with a tree.


A recent commission - and my all time favourite.
My clients used to own the first house and moved to the house below.
A dream job as my clients repeatedly said -
'whatever you think Fiona, just do what you want' -
music to my ears !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kitchen/breakfast room, with stripy walls.

And faux stone blocked chimney breast.

The dining-room with colurwashed, panelled and stencilled walls.

Their daughter's bedroom.

And through to the en-suite.

You can see more rooms in this house, when I posted about them
here and here