Sunday, 18 March 2012

chalk and chocolate

So, here is my first ever piece with Annie Sloan's chalk paint. I posted about my little trip to buy some here and now the result.

I combined it with a wonderful design from The Graphics Fairy about chocolate, hence the title - chalk and chocolate (good name for a blog !).

This little table has been in our lean to for years, and looked pretty bad, when I decided to rescue it.

This was it after I cleaned it, sanded it and scraped off all the chipped paint.

Now to the painting - I didn't find it easy, ascp is very thick and not what I am used to and I brushed it in every direction as I had seen on an Annie Sloan video here. In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ' BIG MISTAKE' - just stick to what you know Fiona and stop trying to be clever !

Now I'm going to blame my tools - you definately need a good brush, one with soft bristles, preferably a Purdy or similar. Stiff bristled, cheap brushes leave tracks in thick paint. You can't see it in these photos but the surface of this little table is pretty bad.

Now I'm going to blame the table - ascp dries REALLY quickly, and as I had sanded this table A LOT, the surface was really porous, so it sucked the moisture out of the paint and made it even more difficult to get an even coat.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS - I have since painted another table, that I didn't sand, which I painted using a soft brush, and which I painted in my own way, chanelling Fiona, not Annie.
IT WORKS, I AM A CONVERT - I am saving the piece for another day, but I am REALLY pleased, and I will definately be using ascp to do my dining room table and the various chairs I have scattered about the house !
The 'no preping' is such a big draw, and it works, it's sticky and thick, and sands like a dream. It's lovely and matt, and the colours are gorgeous. Also, it does go really far, and on the second piece, I only used one layer, even though the table was quite dark.
One more tip - it's not so thick that it won't run, just watch it when painting vertically, and don't be tempted to put too much on. (I realise many of you use it already, but this is just my take on it).

I think this table worked because of the wonderful graphic.

BTW as some of you know, I often mention my techno inabilities, but printing this out went like a dream.
I sent the pic in an e-mail to the old geezer, because he has the printer. He opened it and left it on the screen. My technophobe brain told me it looked big. I pushed print and one half came out on an A4 - yipee. I moved the mouse around, it showed the other half - pressed print !
I can guarantee that's never going to happen again !

I adjusted the bottom line of the design to fit with the oval shape of the table, and used carbon paper underneath, tracing it through with a biro to get a clean, sharp line.

After painting, I sanded it.

I drew a little border for the bottom shelf, that I could repeat between the four legs, and painted it all with a little matchpot I have.

I finished it in clear and dark wax. I really like the result and will definately use this graphic again but nil points for the basic painting on this one.

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  1. Looks fantastic! I love it. So glad the other piece worked a bit better. I love that graphic too. Can't wait to see how your other one came out! x

  2. Fiona!!! You have a chocolate table I am so jealous. In the photos it looks great. That graphic is thie one that started it all for me and I have yet to use it on anything.


  3. The table looks great! I'm with you on liking the no prepping. I haven't tried any chalk paint that I didn't make myself and may give it a go. ~ Maureen

  4. You did an awesome job! The graphic made it rock!

  5. Awesome! It was very brilliant of you to use the graphic with a carbon sheet! So Fiona how does this feel that you went over one of your phobias?

  6. I love the trick you used to make the design fit the table. It looks great!

  7. Thanks for the insight on the Annie Sloan chalk paint. I am just about to imbark on a project and I appreciate the advice. What a cute little table.

  8. I think it looks great! I keep reading up on ASCP because I am dying to try some! :)

  9. Love and more LOVE! Great job and great graphic you chose too. Thanks so much for joining the newbie party.

  10. I think you did a terrific job on your first try with ASCP. Love how our table turned out.
    Mary Alice

  11. Looks fantastic now! Just thin the AS down with a little water and it still works like a charm.
    Found you on the Cowgirl Up party and am a new follower.

  12. That table is awesome! Wonderful transformation.....and don't even get me started on that graphic :)


  13. Gorgeous! I love that you curved the bottom part of the graphic... I never would have thought to do this - brilliant!! I did a rectangular table with this graphic, but now might start looking for a round one!

  14. Fiona--I LOVE this! It's great. Now, to let you know I've tagged you. Check out the blog tomorrow to get this info.

  15. what an amazing re-do, fiona! now, you have a darling table:) thanks for sharing the steps--off to watch that video now!

  16. Your table looks fabulous! I love the little things you added to the graphic. It turned out great!

  17. Fiona, you are so gifted. You MUST have an e-store in your blog to sell all the wonderful things you make (tables, art with beach junk, lamps, frames.....)
    That chalk paint looks beautiful and I can´t beleive how you came up with the Chocolate graphics.

  18. Love love love the table.. what a wonderful job you did on it. it's just lovely....

    Glad I found your follower


  19. Love it! Have a table I so want to do something similar with. And thanks for the info on the ASCP - haven't seen it anywhere around here but sounds like it's 'the thing' to use these days and I have some painting projects in my future. Was the wax you used from AS as well? please let me know and thanks!

    Visiting from Savvy Southern btw - great blog! I'm your newest follower!

  20. Hi Fiona, I am your newest follower. I loved how you adjusted the bottom line of text to get the oval shape. I must learn to do that!

    Great job...Love it!

  21. I love what you did with the table. It's wonderful. I am your newest follower!

  22. So beautiful Fiona!! What an amazing transformation!!

  23. sweet table. must have taken a lot of time and patience to paint that design.

    barbara jean

  24. I love how you took a old ugly table and turned it into a work of art. Your really talented.


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