Saturday, 24 March 2012

more tagging !

This week I was tagged by the lovely and very funny Kirby over at Kirb Appeal, and while I was trying to think up some interesting stuff to bore you all with tell you, I was tagged again by Holly - the super creative lady over at Full Circle Creations.
Holly has very thoughtfully provided me with some questions, so here goes.

The last book I read -
I rarely read books. If I find a book that I enjoy, I find it very hard to put down, it stops me doing anything else - so I don't read very often.
When I do, I enjoy science fiction/fantasy novels. Yes I'm a Hobbit lover and have read The Lord of the Rings numerous times.
I'm the middle aged woman standing in the science fiction section of the book shop. I keep company with long-haired young men avoiding eye contact and wearing heavy metal t-shirts.
I may look out of place, but no-ones going to keep me from the dragons !

My copy is slightly more battered than this one - it belonged to my Dad.

My favourite meal -
Sunday roast, preferably chicken, with all the trimmings - stuffing, chipolatas, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots, peas and yorkshire pudding ( although yorkshires are normally served with beef).
For dessert, maybe a Banoffie Pie, although I've never actually made one myself. It has a biscuit crumb base like a cheesecake, then a caramel layer, then cream, then bananas - yuuuuuuuummmmy.

Roast beef with only one Yorkshire ! no way, one is never enough.

A favourite childhood memory -
I don't have a specific one but a trip to the seaside was always incredibly exciting.
It was the thought of the tide being out and searching through rock pools and eating fish and chips.
Going to the amusement arcades, having candy floss and bringing home a stick of rock.
I loved, loved loved trips to the seaside - luckily I don't have to get in a car to get to the sea now !

My greatest achievement -
I'm not sure what that would be, but I was walking on air the day I got into Art College. It meant that I had a direction in which to go, once I had left school.

A favourite film -
Once Upon a Time in the West - incredible music, stunning shots and great cast.
Henry Fonda is superb as the villain of the piece and Charles Bronson just makes my day !

Can I have another one -
The Magnificent Seven. Cowboy heroes saving a village. What's not to love - Charles Bronson again, as well as the gorgeous Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner.

I want to learn -
to be better on the computer.
why -
so I could do more.

What would I do if I won the lottery -
have the freedom not to HAVE to go to work.
buy one of these

A black Mini Cooper.

And I'd buy one of these.

So that I could make great coffee at home.

Where would I like to live -
I love the Greek Islands, I've mentioned it before. I'd like to retire to a pretty village with white washed buildings, minutes from the sea.

The Island of Santorini.

If it wasn't so far away, I wouldn't mind living in Sydney. It's a gorgeous city.
I spent a year there, and got the bus into the city in the morning to work.
At the end of the day I would get a ferry back to Manly and then walk along the coastal path to the 'old white house' I was staying in. Very idyllic.

Ofcourse, if I had actually won the lottery, I could travel alot or maybe even have a couple of homes.

Who would I like to have dinner with -
Kevin Mcleod. He presents a programme called Grand Designs, where people build amazing homes, and he's also written some books on paint effects. I'd like to talk interiors !

What have I learnt about myself since blogging and why do I blog -
I started blogging because it was cheaper than making a website for my work. As it turns out, any bloggers in the UK who might see my blog are not the type to order a mural - being creative types themselves. I have, however used it as an online portfolio a couple of times.
I continue to blog because at the very least - seeing other people continually creating stuff, inspires me to get on with my own things.
At the very most it makes me think outside the box - I'm continually stunned by things I'd never even thought of. Long may it continue.
What have I learnt about myself - that really my design style is about texture. I find as much beauty in something rusty as something gilded.

So what have you learnt - if a cowboy swept in on the back of a dragon, with a super hot takeaway latte, and offers of a trip to the Med - who would I be to refuse !!

Like Kirby, I'm going to flout the rules and not tag anyone.
If you want to play, then please do. If you want me to tag you, I'll erase this paragraph and leave a little list in its stead !!!


  1. I love your answers! And I'm so happy to learn a bit more about you. Thanks so much for playing along.


  2. "if a cowboy swept in on the back of a dragon, with a super hot takeaway latte, and offers of a trip to the Med"... Fiona I think you just wrote a movie script!

    I need to know more about Yorkshire pudding and that dessert too. Now I want pot roast as well, and maybe some popcorn and curl up with an old movie.

    Your answers just make me love 'ya more.


  3. Oh... Yorkshire pudding! I LOVE it! My mother made roast beef and yorkshire pudding for Christmas every year when I was younger. Thanks so much for playing, Fiona.

  4. Well Fiona two things in common.... first I also love Greek islands, is my top direction for summer vacations, and second if I had to leave Greece I would certainly choose Australia as my new hometown! In fact I've already talked to hubby about this since things here are getting tougher tougher.
    Have a lovely week my dear Fiona!

  5. Happy to learn more about you, Fiona.
    Texture in design style- so important in my world.
    I enjoy old movies, too. They just don't make them like that anymore, do they?


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