Thursday, 15 March 2012

ASCP and shopping !

I finally bought some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I needed some. I needed some because everyone talks about it in blogland and I was feeling left out and frankly, a bit behind the times.
The nearest shop is in a town I am working in, so I paid them a visit.

The shop is in Hove which is full of cafe's and great restaurants and a couple of minutes walk from the beach. They paint furniture and sell these alongside giftware and soft furnishings. They also do classes in different techniques.

Sorry about the quality of the stripy photos - This happened onetime in a TK Maxx as well, I think it's got something to do with the lights.

There is a gorgeous filing cabinet in the corner, with a crackle effect and stencilling.

A great driftwood look ladder.

Love this chest of drawers in the window with Latin script painted diagonally across.

So - what did I buy.
Well I was pretty gobsmacked at the cost,  £18.95 for 1 litre - goodness knows what it costs in the States. This is worrying, because if I love it, then it's going to get very expensive.
So, being a bit of a tight-wad, I bought these.

For £5.95 each at least I could try it out.
I recently watched a video that Danielle of Silver Pennies posted of Annie Sloan painting a piece of furniture, and the random brush-strokes intrigued me, because I usually try and paint with the grain. So I painted a small table using this technique and I'm not convinced. The paint felt really nice, but brushing in every direction was hard. I'm going to do another piece with the second pot and when they're done, I'll post the verdict.

I also went to a great flea market in Brighton, which just runs straight on from Hove. I used to live nearby and love the area and all the amazing Regency architecture.

Loads of forms, and mounted horns and antlers.

Love this old chippy shabby pedestal basin and mirror.

As you can see, they have stuff from all periods - there is a whole room devoted to 50's kitsch.
I didn't come away with anything as I'm actually just checking out places where I could perhaps have a booth myself. I need to get together a whole load of stuff before I approach somewhere.

So, it's back to work and painting murals now, have a good day.

Fiona x


  1. Hi Fiona, So good to read this! I'm feeling exactly the same way you did about ASCP. I'm gonna wait for your review on the second piece before trying it myself.

  2. We're all waiting on the revue from an expect! Nice shops. ~ Maureen

  3. I feel the same way Fiona. Only that I cannot find it here anywhere. When you do your thing with the paint let us know!

  4. Hi Fiona, I wouldn't necessarily worry about the different directions thing. Just paint, and don't worry about getting it all straight. That will give you a variety of paint strokes. The paint does go a long way - and saves time because you don't have to prime. Using less coats of paint than other brands also saves paint - so it is worth the money to me. I haven't used the annie sloan waxes yet. I've been making do with other waxes. good luck - hope you like the final product.

  5. These are lovely shops. Lucky you to live near them. I have been to Brighton, but it was way before I gave all these wonderful kinds of shops a thought. Some day I will figure out how to scan a photo and put it on my blog. It's of my sister and I with our auntie and uncle on the beach in Brighton when I was 4.:) Can't wait to see how you use the chalk paint. I have yet to purchase some, so you are not the only one who hasn't tried it. Good luck!!

  6. Hi Fiona! You didn't like it? Gosh, I love it. What type of brush are you using. I used a Purdy's brush. But the first one I got was a chinex and didn't work well with the chalk paint. You don't really need to copy Annie with the brush strokes. Just get it on to the piece your working on. When it dries (and it will dry quickly) you won't see the brush strokes. That is one thing I love about. I also love that Duck Egg Blue you got - one of my favorites. Gosh, I wish I lived closer to you - looks like you had a great day at the shops. Send me an email if you questions re: the chalk paint. Going on a class on Tuesday so hopeful I'm full of new tips :)

  7. Thank you for stopping by Fiona and for your beautiful comment!!And regarding to Olga she is a wonderful person with a great sense of style and a great sense of humor!She is really great!!Nice talking to you and hope to see you around soon!!

  8. I haven't tried any of the paints either but I am dying to know what you think.....I might have to break down and try it now!!! LOL
    Have a great weekend :o)

  9. I can't wait to see your finish project...I've been using a homemade version of chalk paint and love it! Hope to see yours soon.

  10. A booth!?!?!

    When I run out of ASCP I am going to try one of the recipes on line.



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