Thursday, 1 March 2012

one man and his dog !

That's what I named this little print I found in a charity shop - 'One man and his dog'.
There is actually a tv show over here about shepherding called
'One man and his dog'.

I am not at home, I am at Pandy's house for a couple of days and I miss MY little dog
terribly !
 One girl and her dog haven't been to the beach today.
Nor will they go tomorrow.
Not till Saturday - sob, sob...........
(enough self-indulgence)

The little man and his dog are taking a walk round Chepstow Castle,
at Monmouthshire in Wales.

It was a little dirty when I found it.

It just needed a little clean up.
How anyone could give this away, is beyond me.
It's not worth anything as it is out of copyright, but it is an original
tinted etching, taken from a drawing by H.Gastineau.
I bought it for £3 !

And I think it's adorable.

One man and his dog - I can't stop looking at it.

On a different note, I had a revelation last night. I have now decided,
contrary to my last post,

I was flicking through the channels about 11pm and found an American show
called Truth Be Told - I AM a Hoarder !
Wow, what an eye opener. Some people had whole rooms they couldn't get into.
One guy couldn't have a shower or a bath because it was full of stuff,
so he used the local gym.

Well, I keep stuff, and I have a few things to sort out, but nothing like the people on this show.
But I would dearly love to go and help them out.
I think it would be very rewarding, and I would try to teach them my mantra -

Have NOTHING in your home that you do not KNOW to be useful
or BELIEVE to be beautiful.
Well not mine, William Morris', but it has enabled me to get rid of stuff.

(Btw, we have a similar show over here - where the homes are much, much worse!)


  1. Yeah, those hoarders have some issues for sure. I can't watch that show, it creeps me out. Is Pandy feeding you good to make up for missing poochie?


  2. This is why I always have Silky with me wherever I go. Visits, holidays, everywhere. Couldn't you take Rufus with you?

  3. Americans are notorious for never throwing anything out. And they are sneaky. You have to watch out for them. (ha!) My house is very much like a British cottage--slate roof, blue hydrangeas, walled garden. It was almost as expensive, too. It's funny you mention the south of England--my husband and I are planning a European holiday for our 30th anniversary, and he loves England. He was stuck there when the volcano grounded all flights a few years ago. So having coffee may be a reality! (and I can talk like Hayley Mills, if you want me to.)


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