Thursday, 29 March 2012

michelangelo and me !

You must have heard of tennis elbow, a repetitive strain injury that can effect anyone who uses their arm alot (no sniggering at the back !).

Well, I have decided that I have painter's thumb ! I'm having spasms in my right hand from holding a tiny paint brush for days on end. I've finished my murals, and although I used large paintbrushes as well, I had to paint loads of outline detail, and I not only have the spasms, but also some callouses where my hand was perpetually moving across a large wall !!!

At least I wasn't painting the ceiling like Michelangelo, neck pain is far worse !

And because you're now thinking that I'm using loads of metaphors (I can hear some of you giggling - I know who you are ladies), and that I wasn't actually painting atall, I made a little video.

It's not meant to be funny but you might find it so. What I'm saying doesn't make much sense because I'm just rambling - I didn't do much preparation. Also, this IS me, not some child I roped in, to do a voice over. Sad, but true.

Below are the photos I used for reference material.

And the finished result - yes I made the daughter's bed (granted, not very well). This won't make much sense, unless you've watched the video.

The colours I've used all come from the curtain, a gorgeous sheer fabric in really bright colours, behind which there is a blackout blind. I love the acid yellow lamps that sit on funky little tables.

I also painted a much smaller mural in the master bedroom ensuite, but there could be copyright infringement !! so I'm not going to post the finished piece but here's a picture of the bathroom. You can see the beginnings of the mural in the mirror.

The bathroom tiles are really big with tiny facets all over to reflect the light, and the shelves, sills and bath panel are all thick pink glass, inspired by the amazing towels that the client owns.

Now I'm sorting stuff out for the next job, which starts Monday - glad that I won't be doing any detailed work for a while !

DISCLAIMER: I am not likening (?)  myself to Michelangelo in any way, shape or form what-so-ever.
Calling this post 'painter's thumb' didn't sound quite so good !!!


  1. Oh this is fantastic! no fantastic is not the right fact I do not have the right word..
    thank you so much for sharing with us and please keep on doing so?!..good luck with the thumb...try massaging Arnica gel whenever you remember...It will bring relieve. have a lovely weekend before your next assignment on Monday. and o yes, you were not rambling at all!
    Colette X

  2. Yes I was in the back snickering. I also giggled. I also watched the video all the way to the end. You know when everyone sees this and hears your sexy voice you are gonna have jobs non stop. Painting jobs, get your mind out of the gutter. They will want to hire you because girl you can paint!


  3. Oh my goodness, that mural is incredibly impressive! I love how it is both serene (like the sea) and upbeat with all the fun colors.


  4. I knew you were talented Fiona ... but this!?! This is amazing! You go on and call it painter's thumb or whatever you want to call it ... because after this project, I will be crowning you the Queen of Murals.

    Now, the question is, are you a naughty Queen like that naughty Prince?



  5. Here's what we are going to do. Whenever you see I am posting about painting, you are going skip on past it. Whenever I see you are posting about one of your artistic creations, I'm going to sit here and drool all over the screen. I absolutely love it, admire your talent, and was thrilled to hear your voice and description in the video! ~ Maureen

  6. Wow I am FLOORED by your skillz! (Skillz with a Z are much more impressive.) That mural is jaw-dropping!

  7. What an AMAZING mural! I absolutely love it. I have always wanted to see Brighton and now I feel I have :)


  8. OMG! That mural is are so incredibly talented! I am completely envious of course because all I can paint are walls! LOL

  9. Beautiful job! I love murals in bedrooms. I love the colors you´ve chosen and how you combined the huge building with the pier and the beach house.
    Great job Fiona!

  10. INCREDIBLE! Your talent is amazing!

  11. Oh goodness! How did I miss this? I love the Brighton Pier! Even if Lydia Bennet did get into a bit of trouble there. This is absolutely beautiful and YOU SOUND LIKE HAYLEY MILLS! I am so insanely jealous. Or maybe just insane.

  12. Oh you have such a sweet voice! And your talent is amazing! Awesome awesome awesome!! xxxxx Nats

  13. Holy Moly girl! that mural is amazing. I know what you mean about the hand cramping thing. Not that I've ever painted a mural like that or anything....Nice job! Lucky client.

  14. Beautiful work! I am still reading along from the beginning and have wanted to comment numerous times, but the comments would all basically be the same. You are sooooo talented! I love your art even when it is not my style. I look forward to continuing this journey.


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