Monday, 5 March 2012

gone guest hosting !

Yep folks, I'm not here, I've gone guest hosting. I'm over at Jen's lovely blog A Place 2 Call Home doing a little guest post. It really was extremely sweet of her to ask me, so I hope you'll pop over there and take a House Tour and generally have a good look round and follow her, if you aren't already !

Actually I'm really, really not here, because if you live in the US, when I post this you will be asleep (probably) and when you get up I will be at work !
Finally, after 3 months out of work, I have a commission in a penthouse flat in Hove, just along the coast. I'm doing a few murals for a client with a love for contemporary furnishings and very bright colours. I'll post some photos when I'm done.

So GO, go now, go to Jen's and you will see a couple of things I haven't shown you before.

Have a nice day !


  1. Oh how fun! I'm headed over to Jen's blog now :o)

  2. congrats on your guest spot, fiona:) yay for the new job!!

  3. Really good news Fiona! Both of them! Of course I'm already following A place to call home and of course I'm heading over there right now!

  4. I've been... I joined.... any friend of Fiona's is a friend of mine.

    Happy muraling.


  5. Hello Jen,
    I shall hop over there right now, just wanted to say thank you for your visit to my blog via Sherry's post on my home at her open house party last week.
    your comment and visit is much appreciated. have a lovely weekend
    hugs&XX Colette


It's always a pleasure to receive your comments. I really enjoy reading them, and a huge thank you if you are following as well !