Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Six things I need to do

I finally finished the house I was painting after 9 weeks of work. I actually arrived home yesterday about lunch time and took my dog out immediately for a walk on the beach. It was another beautiful day - especially considering it's now November !

This morning I thought I should get on with a few things (that is apart from all the housework).
So I made a list.
1)   Finish the paintwork in the kitchen

2)   Do the bookeeping for the cafe so that my accountant can finalise all the details.

3)  Tidy up the 'lean to' so that I can use it as a space to paint furniture in. I can't show you a picture because it's too horrific and it definately couldn't be considered a conservatory, because it really is 'leaning to'.

4)   Paint all these items and try selling them on e-bay.

5)  Go through this pile of magazines and try to chuck some out !

6)   And finally, try and sort out my little office. I love it but it's only about 2mtrs by 2.5mtrs and is crammed full. My partner doesn't really like all my 'stuff' but he's gradually relenting and so I intend to find a proper home for everything. Anyway he has his music, his numerous guitars, you tube and second life to keep him happy !

So have I started work on my list. Not exactly - my dog needed a walk and the beach was beckoning !


Maybe tomorrow !

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  1. beach..thats the place i wanne be
    take a look at my blog, tell me if you like it :)


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