Sunday, 6 November 2011

Seven favourite commissions - paint effects and murals

Well, I have started painting the kitchen but there is nothing to show yet. Below are seven 'things' that I have painted in the past and really enjoyed !

Colourwashed walls and detail over the arch in an ensuite bathroom. Love the colour and pattern of the tiles.

Details around light fittings on the landing of the same house. Long, slightly regency inspired swags along the corridor and then a symmetrical piece on the short wall at one end of the landing.

Shame about the placement of the light switch !

For the third one - something a bit different. A mural within a swimming pool room. I had just come back from two weeks in Crete and really wanted to be back there. So I painted a terrace with far reaching views of the sea. Oh how I wanted that terrace to be mine (I have dreams of retiring to Greece).

I painted the tiles to match the actual ones around the swimming pool. Unfortunately my client hadn't removed the old radiator pipes before I did the work !

Detail from a mural I painted of Egypt, across some wardrobes.  This section was from a view over the Nile, taken at sunset - from one of my own photos. I do know how lucky I am to have done quite a bit of travelling when I was younger !

The fifth picture is from the same house - a small house with big ideas and roman ruins under the stairs !!!

I wanted to paint a scene through the ruins with a bright blue sky so that the stone work really popped, but my client wanted a neutral colourscheme - c'est la vie.

Sixth on my list today - views of a castle on the Seine. This was also on the walls of a swimming pool room, but this room was actually bordered on two sides by the main hall of the house, with large picture windows. So the owners could always see their mural and be reminded of their love of France. And at night they would leave the pool lights on which looked really pretty.

My last photo - colourwashed and gilded mouldings in a large house in Brighton. This house is pretty over the top but I do love the laurel leaf mouldings -  (more on historic details and origins one day).

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