Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Nine things I love

Two tea-light holders. Love the mix of simple wire, galvanised base and mercury glass.

My wall mounted china cabinet - had it for years.

The Noritake coffee service that my grandmother left me.

A miniature tureen that Pandy gave me. I love the mix of ceramic and metal. The handle is a couple of pomegranates.

I have three of these hooks, and again it's the mix of ceramic and metal that I love.

An amazing mirror - my best find ever. It cost £35 in a charity shop. I was walking past on the way to visiting a friend to do some painting for her and just couldn't resist. The moulding is incredible and one day I will paint it white because it's painted, not gilded. I have no idea if this will devalue it, but I'm not phased, because I'll never try to sell it. I just love it, love it, love it.

Four beautiful still life prints. I got these in Spain when I was with Pandy and her mother. The paintings are beautiful - I wish I had done them myself. I bought the frames and painted them blue and then white and did alot of distressing.

I love the simple flat frames and the colour picks out the ceramic pieces in the prints.

I put these in my last post, but just love them so much. And for £3.00 they are simply amazing. I have an oriental lamp in my bedroom which they would go with, and together they inspire me to paint my bedroom furniture.

And lastly, my newest aquisition. I couldn't resist. I have a couple of other green things in the kitchen and it just fits perfectly !


  1. How nice and romantic! Love the cofee service and the watch!
    Kisses, Olga

  2. Hey Fiona! Love the "Lemonade" clock!


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