Wednesday, 23 November 2011

the garden of England

I grew up in Kent, which is often called ' the garden of England'. I have travelled extensively, lived in London, then East Sussex and now I live in West Sussex, but always love returning to Kent.
Yesterday I took a day off from work to take my brother to hospital (he's ok - it was a check up). The journey from Pandy's house to Sevenoaks runs through quite a few picturesque villages, and we couldn't help but grab a coffee and a couple of hours to visit Westerham, on our way to see him !!!
Although it was a bit of a grey day the shops were bright and full of Christmas cheer and we managed to see everything we wanted to in the short time we had.

There is a little green in the middle with loads of period houses all around.

 Look at this gorgeous little house with the standards and white shutters.

Three shops to remember - Beverley Deen Interiors
Annie's Attic
and my favourite - The Vintage Home Company

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    How wonderful is Westerham?!! Having just visited my current post about Cambridge, Canada, you can understand how obsessed I am with pretty, picturesque towns, like Westerham. I have heard how beautiful your hometown is, too, and would love to visit it someday. You know, my friend, Maria, who I've written about and who has written a guest post on Mousehold Heath on Poppy View, also lives in West Sussex! Small world.



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