Sunday, 27 November 2011

hand-made christmas cards

I thought I'd better make a start on them. Got out my box of 'stamps'.

All of these came free with magasines, except the opera star which I used in a hallway over a colourwash !

So I chose these - although the 'word' stamp and 'tree cut out' are new.

Years ago I made cards every christmas, and even made THE PAPER one year. It was really time consuming but good fun. I thought I had kept samples of all of them (I am a bit of a horder) but only have the following. Stamps on black with silver outline pen. A section from another year and a sample from the year I did topiary trees. I simply cut a sponge in a circle, stamped green, and added outline pen, and copper leaf.

The  'Happy Christmas' is a stick on ! This year it's going to be much simpler.

A bit of practising first !

A square (I used the back of a stamp), on the inside, so that white shows underneath the cut out tree.

I use white paint so that the print is uneven.

I messed up the writing - just being too impatient.

A couple of tries and I think I am happy. I could easily add more colour or get out my outline pen, but I'm just going to leave it simple. Only another 45 or so to go !!!

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  1. Hey Fiona, very good result! Will you send me over one for Christmas? LOL

  2. Now that's a labor of love, but they look gorgeous!! The recipients will be thrilled ~

  3. Hi Fiona,

    They look fabulous, I love handmade cards. Mimi xx

  4. Hi Fiona, You have won my give away prize of a magnectic advent calendar! You were chosen from all my new and current followers! Ive sent you an email to, please try and get back to me as soon as you can and i will post it quick sharp so it reaches you for the 1st...Rebecca x littletree designs


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