Monday, 16 April 2012

unfinished projects !

I have finally returned from my job in Hertfordshire and I'm afraid I have no after shots.

I left about 8.15pm on Friday and didn't take any photos. Having said that, I will have to go back in a couple of weeks and hopefully by then, the after shots will be better. The protective covering will have been taken off the corian worksurface, and the marble effect tiled floor. Hopefully the oven will be in place and all the handles will be on.

So this is my first unfinished project - the before.

I also haven't finished this, my second ASCP project. It's actually gone wrong twice. First I drew something on the top and painted it but it looked awful, so I tried something else, and that doesn't look much better !

Unfinished project No. 2

I also bought this a few weeks ago, because I need a deeper box frame than the ones I can buy locally. So far I have managed to dismantle it and that's all. All the partitions are glued to the back piece (really well) and as I don't want them, it's going to be a little bit more work than I thought.

Unfinished project No. 3

I have been wanting to do some decoupage for sometime and have been printing off some great graphics for yet another project. My test piece below ( from The Graphics Fairy) went really well, but the actual project - not so.

Unfinished Project No. 4

And because I haven't finished project nos. 2, 3 and 4, I don't feel I should proceed any further with project no. 5 !

Unfinished Project No. 5

I love things with feet - it's a cute brass cache pot, but it'll have to wait.

And so will everything else I'm afraid as I've just started another job !


  1. Wow, you've been really busy! I'm dying to see the pics of the Hertfordshire project! ~ Maureen

  2. well bless your heart! give yourself a break and a pat on the back....

  3. Wow. You have so much on the go. I know you'll finish them soon and they'll be brilliant. Can't wait to see the after shots of the kitchen too!

  4. All your projects look really promising. :-) I can't wait to see the finished results!

  5. You have so many projects going on...I know once you get started you won't be able to stop! Can't wait to see the finish products.

  6. I love feet too... AND I have a problem with too many jobs at one time too- haha!!! Love the blog and the name! I LOOOVE white!!

  7. All the projects look intriguing and pretty!

  8. Well, I´m sure they´ll all be finish eventually. Sometimes we need to have a few more hours a day.
    That´s a gorgeous kitchen, I can´t wait to see it finished.


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