Saturday, 21 April 2012

the metamorphosis of a house

I have worked on this house three times now for two owners.

It's in the countryside near a pretty little village called Hurstpierpoint.

The original house is a tiny cottage built in 1789 and hidden behind the section on the right - you can just see the stepping stones that go to the front door.

I originally decorated the house from top to bottom about 10 years ago ( just the glory bit, not the base coats and woodwork etc.). 
About 18 months ago those clients sold the house and last summer I was asked by the new owner to change a few things.

Harry's old bedroom was to become a guest room, so I needed to paint out the bunting I had done. Luckily I managed to touch up the colourwash without having to paint the whole room again before doing a freehand design.

The before -

And after -

The bedroom as Harry had it - I didn't paint the furniture.


The new seating area for guests (the throw and the cushion belongs on the bed. I need to tell you this because I know my client wouldn't like the idea that I photographed this room with something out of place !).


This is the only other part of the room, that I put decoration on.

The room is in the original part of the house from 1789 - hence the beams.


The new bed is here now and the owner decided to keep 'Harry' written on the wall above the bed.


It's just such a lovely room.

I also needed to take out this very individual coat of arms in the living room and replace it with something completely different.

I actually learnt Latin at school, but it was my worst subject - I just didn't get it at all. I made up the words with help from the internet, but have no idea if it really makes sense or not .
Painting over this was hard - I stood with the brush in my hand for what seemed like ages because I just felt bad covering it up !

But of course I did and this is the result.

I based my design on the damask type sofas.

The whole point of this post was to tell you that I was asked back this week to change this piece AGAIN.
My client didn't like the central shape and wanted it extended over the arches a bit more.

In the picture below the Persian type symmetrical shape has gone.

And  the new extended ends !

It does work better like this, but I didn't like admitting it to the client !
He told me men are always right !

Not only was I asked to change this, but I was also asked to change the downstairs cloakroom completely (which will be it's third metamorphosis).
I told my client that he just feels sorry for me and wants to give me stuff to do - he denied it !!

However, I'm sure you've had enough and I'm all posted out, so I'll show you that next time - I'll leave you with a few more pictures of his home.

Enjoy your week - Fiona xx


  1. Harry's new room is really lovely now! Fiona I'm so glad seeing your work and I'm loving it!

  2. Oh, Fiona! This home is lovely! I love the freehand design over the archways--it's beautiful. Can't wait to see more--

  3. Wow - your amazing Fiona! What amazing work xx Nat

  4. I love nothing better than looking at before and after shots. You must be extremely proud of your beautiful work. Thank you for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  5. Fiona..... girl you can paint! Looks muy primo (that's sort of Latin for very good). Men are not always right, and I'm rather curious why they left the Harry above the bed. That seems odd.


  6. What a beautiful home! All the work you have done before and after is amazing! Love it!

  7. Fiona, you are an amazing painter. Love what you did both in Harry's original room (I love buntings) and in the new things you've done for the new owners. Great work!

  8. Beautiful job Fiona, just amazing.

  9. Gorgeous Fiona, and what a neat old house!!!

  10. i'm gonna use the word "amazing", too, cuz, fiona, this is all amazing! such a beautiful talent you have:)

  11. Fion, your work is beautiful. I wish I had half of your talent!

  12. I love having a little sneaky look at the inside of a house and it's a lovely house too!


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