Friday, 27 April 2012

decoupaged tray

I've finally finished one of my 'unfinished projects'.

I think one of my favourite crafts is decoupage and I used to do quite a lot.
These are just a few.

I don't remember where the shells came from, but the 'brown' kitchen things were actually from a paper bag.
I sometimes gilded the tops of the insides and the handles, then used a crackle glaze or antiqued them.

I often found the best things to decoupage from wrapping paper, as with these great fruit pictures.
I did a lot of gilding then as well !

As you all know - blogland provides an almost infinite source of things to decoupage and for a long time I had admired the lovely graphics and layering techniques of other bloggers.

When I found this tray for £2, I had the perfect piece to try out my idea. I wanted a tray to look as though I just thrown things on it. Sort of like an in-tray that has stuff waiting to be sorted out !

And it would be so great if I could show you the before shot, but I can't find it anywhere - sorry. The tray was a pale yellow with a floral picture stuck in the middle.

So the after shot - I painted it with a few layers of cream paint, then after sticking everything down and varnishing, I rubbed in raw umber artists oil colour, to age. 

The plain postcards on the right are from Knick of Time Interiors  
The letter and the french postcard are from the The Graphics Fairy 
The stamps are real - my brother and I collected them for a while. Not that we had a clue what we were doing, so hopefully they're not worth anything.
The keys and coins are  photocopies of actual items I have. The keys I have been collecting to frame, and the coins are not old - just left over from trips abroad. I simply laid them in the old geezer's printer and photocopied them. 

I love the folds in the letter, that make it look more 3-dimensional.

I blame the cutting out of that key, on my failing eye-sight - I've been in denial for about 6 months.

The reason why this remained unfinished for so long was because it went wrong the first time around. 
I was impatient and glued everything down at the same time, and of course it all puckered up.
So I had to glue all the larger pieces down separately and leave each one to dry properly.

Patience is a virtue (it's just not a virtue I possess !).

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  1. Fiona, this is so cool! I love it so much. We did such a great job and it really does look 3 dimensional and like the objects are tossed down on the tray. I don't possess patience either (perhaps it is an over-rated virtue?). Happy Weekend!

  2. It's cute. At least I think it is with my failing eyes.


  3. Excellent job! I had to keep looking to make sure the key wasn't real!

  4. this tray is amazing. I love it. you are such an artist. i admire that!

  5. Just when I'm looking at a small, tray table (already put the paint on) you come up with this idea for me! It looks great! ~ Maureen

  6. Oh wow! Fiona your tray is amazing! Love it! And I'm with you on the eyesight denial thing too... sigh...

  7. Well, I can assure Bliss (with her failing eyes) that it is awesome! My trifocals can be trusted.

  8. Fiona such a unique idea for the tray! I was surprised when I read that the keys and coins were photocopies! They look so real! I guess you're proud that your first attempt in this was a success!

  9. Your creative decoupage is just lovely! Photocopying the bulky items is genius. My own decoupage obsession is book pages, I use them ALOT. Thanks for visiting my blog post about my nightstands turned kitchen island. You left such a nice comment!

  10. I love this idea of layering objects that you might have tossed on your tray. It's so creative and fun, and it looks great! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and for linking all your sources for the images.

  11. very pretty tins and tray, fiona! love that you used photo copies--very clever! you have such an artistic eye!

  12. What a beautiful tray, I love all the things you added! I'm now a follower...

  13. That is an amazing result - I might have to get my Mod Podge out and have a go myself.

  14. Fiona, Thanks for sharing your beautiful tray at the OHP. This is really unique and beautiful! xo, Sherry

  15. I like it a lot, because letters, stamps, keys and maps are some of my favorite things. You did a great job.

  16. So cool, and I really like it. You tray is so pretty and so great of you to share it with us. So really nice. Thanks for sharing you creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

  17. Fiona ... I love the tray and just may have to copy. I have done a lot of decoupage in my younger days but a little different process than what is done now. Better results now with all that is available via the internet.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.


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