Tuesday, 10 April 2012

better late than never !

I did this mantle before I went away to work, hoping to do a few posts, but I felt too tired, so better late than never !

My oldest friend Pandy gave me the egg tree, and it came with all the little decorations.

The white chicken, the cute orange felt bag, the wreath and the other decorations came from Spain.

I don't normally decorate for Easter, but I was with Pandy and her mother in Spain and found it hard to resist these things that were only a few Euros. It's easy to get caught up in the 'frenzy' when you are with a couple of shopaholics  !!

I shopped my house (I love that expression) for the rest of the things and the only money I spent was on the mini eggs.

I bought the normal Cadbury's ones, but they looked a bit small, so unfortunately I was forced to eat them !

I found some more in perfect colours. The green ones are marzipan and the white and yellow ones are praline.

My mantle is a bit gnarly, so I just put things where they will stand straight.

When I got home, after having been away for six days - not one of the eggs had been eaten.

Maybe because I had neglected to say there was something edible on the mantle !

I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter break.



  1. Fiona your spring mantel is really cute! Especially loved the egg-tree. And it sends happy vibes! Looks so fun! If I hadn't known better, I would swear that you have little kids living in the house! :)

  2. I absolutely LOVE little chenille chicks. I bought 2 12 packs--one yellow and one pink. And I did do the Cadbury eggs, but it's not the same without the children. I made my husband share the green Aero bar with me.

  3. so cute, fiona:) that candy wouldn't have lasted at my house!

  4. Impossible to have candy for decoration in my house!!! I would only find the wraps when comming back!

  5. Fiona, that is as sweet as cherry pie! Guess what, I have that exact same birdcage. I'd love your thoughts on what to do with it!


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