Friday, 28 March 2014


Sometimes are styles are similar, sometimes they are different.
Sometimes things happen in our lives that seem different, sometimes they seem the same.
Sometimes I just want to say 'here is that thing I was talking about, that thing I mentioned to you in passing'.

Here are some of those things........

Donna recently posted about buying some brass candlesticks, and creating a beautiful vignette with blue and white pieces.
I went straight to my bedroom and took this photo of my old Laura Ashley candlestick and some blue and white.
because great minds think alike !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirby has a beautiful powder room with a sink on top of an old cabinet and she considers it really small, but you wouldn't even have to sit on the loo to get this shot.
I, on the other hand, have this view when I sit on my loo, because it literally is a loo in a cupboard, a water closet in every sense,
and I promised Kirby a picture.
My not-so-pretty WC
Maureen lives with her beloved 'barbarians', furry creatures who love to demolish everything and anything. They also love to watch tv,
This is Clara Jane
just like my dog. He'd touch the screen if he could, and when creatures run off the screen, he tries to look for them round the room !
Cheryl (who doesn't have a blog - yet) has been posting over at Danni's place while Danni has been doing some major diy to her new house. One of the posts was all about her collection of heads.
It made me go and rescue a small ceramic head from my shed, that had been broken. 
It'll be fixed and hung indoors because, thanks to Cheryl, I remembered how much I love it.
Finally I was talking to CJ recently. She only lives about an hour away from me, so I may get to meet her someday. She is a stockist for Miss Mustard Seed milk paint and soon I'll post about my efforts with the milk paint samples she sent me.

We spoke about getting around to doing things. We all procrastinate and put off the less interesting tasks. We all have huge lists of things we want to create, someday or other.
We'll do this stuff when we get around to it.

I'm very lucky as I have a 'round tuit' of my very own (that my father gave me in the 1970's).
Don't you all wish you had a round tuit of your very own !

Can I just also say that you're truly honoured, seeing a picture of my loo with the horrible blue carpet - sorry folks. I would have waited till I'd repainted the toilet to match my newly madeover bathroom, but I wanted to do this post.
I also normally avoid showing the corner of my living room with all the horrible boxes and cables that my tenants left, and Rufie's little collection of toys. I have plans, big plans,
when I get a round to it of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Just for schitzengiggles I'm going to start calling our bathroom a loo or water closet. And really there is nothing wrong with the view in yours.

  2. Well, I loved seeing your brass with blue and white and I smiled when I saw the picture frames(?) above as I have the same styled frames in my upstairs bathroom. Oh and I had no idea you have a dog.... so sweet. Our big loveable galoot sits in front of the TV too, no reaction just staring.
    I definitely need a round tuit. :)

  3. One of my favorite things about blogging is seeing ideas on other blogs and knowing I have the pieces to do the same thing myself.

    I love that your dog goes looking for the animals off screen - too cute!

  4. Fiona, I know just what you mean and I do think it's wonderful when we find things we have in common with other bloggers. The inspiration I get from the blog world just blows me away sometimes. My dog watches TV and barks when animals are on, howls when sirens are on and goes crazy when someone on TV knocks on the door. In the 1/2 bath at my new house, your knees almost hit the wall when you sit on the toilet. I still haven't figures out where to put a tp holder! LOL! Thanks for the shout out and that head is pretty cool. Oh...I'm pretty sure I need a roundtuit!!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Fiona! Your dog is a sweetie! (And I hate carpeting in the bathroom, and it's especially bad if you heat with coal, because then it gets gray-er. I know this from personal experience.)

  6. I've been taking a much needed blog break, but this morning I'm trying to catch up on all the posts I've missed. I need one of those signs hanging in my house!!! That is too funny, Fiona!

  7. Thanks for the mention! Your ceramic head is fabulous and definitely worth saving. It's so unique!
    I have a ceiling light in my house that has a chain pull... I'm using inspiration from your home to go find a ceramic pull-chain-end-thingy like you have.
    And my dog Bubba doesn't actually watch the tv, but he howls whenever harmonica music comes on. ?
    Your place just exudes charm, Fiona.

  8. That was a very funny post... My loo is the same kind as yours, except, you can touch both walls with your elbows if you put your hand on your hips while peeing (because everybody does that, right?)
    Your dog scored some major cuteness points with this post!

  9. Very amusing, (your dog is TOO funny; would love to see him chasing invisible TV characters ROUND the room!). I'm sure you are working on something very charming, (you always are!), and can't wait to see what it is, but for now, love all your current, creative connections with your fellow bloggers, and how your great minds truly do think alike!

    Have a lovely week!


  10. your pup is too cute, fiona! and your loo looks big, white and clean--that's a good thing:) one of mine is so dark, and narrow, it's claustrophobic!

  11. Isn't it great how much we find we have in common? I absolutely love that I get to chat with people all over the world and we so often say, "I have/do/like/experienced the same things". Any room that you get to call a loo or water closet is charming in my books!

  12. Great post! I know exactly what you mean, I've wanted to do the same thing!

  13. My cats don't watch TV. But they are intensely interested as the sound dances around the room through the speakers. I know you will be happy when you have your water closet redone. Just think how special it will be. A little closet where you can hideaway!

  14. You have an exceptionally smart dog. Or possibly, my dogs are exceptionally stupid. Anyway, I've had dogs all my life, and none of them has ever been anywhere near smart enough to watch TV and look for things that ran off the side of the screen. Please give him my warmest regards!


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