Sunday, 2 March 2014

bathroom update

I can't quite believe that I originally wrote about the start of my bathroom makeover last October, I thought it was much more recent. Well, it is nearly done, but not quite, so here is a bit of my progress.

I planned to put tongue and groove round the whole room and contemplated framing the tiles with the wood. In the end I just took them all off, which was very quick and good fun, and like all good bloggers, I've hoarded them to use for something else.................someday.

I found some really cheap tongue and groove ready cut in the perfect length, which meant I would only have to do cuts round the bath, sink and radiator.
I originally chose the tile colours to detract ones eye from the very acidic yellow bath, but I'm actually really glad they've gone now.
I neglected to take any 'during' photos, because you know how it is when you get stuck into something. I didn't baton the wall, I just stuck the boards to the wall with gripfill, and then used tiny panel pins to fix them, the same as I did here
I put a trim round the top and used a white primer that should impede the knots, and three coats of a water based eggshell finish.

I've been meaning to stencil this piece of driftwood for about two years, but finally got round to it recently after buying some stencils from Amazon. The Latin quote means 'it is sweet to relax at the proper time', which is the perfect quote for lying in the bath.

I'm loving the look of the driftwood with all the whites.

I switched the wooden blind for a small tablecloth that belonged to my Grandmother. I had thought of painting the blind  but it was my brother who suggested taking it down all together and now I love the new window treatment, and the extra light it brings to the room.
So I think that's enough for now, I'll show you the updated chair next time and you might be surprised to know that I've actually painted the walls in a colour - albeit a very pale colour !


  1. Your bathroom looks so much more serene with the removal of the tile and addition of beadboard and trim. I love the new color and your driftwood sign hung above the tub! Kudos to you, Fiona, for doing all your own work AND working full-time outside your home!

  2. LOVE it! Great decision on taking off the tile. The beadboard looks great as well as the curtain and the driftwood sign ;)

  3. Fiona,

    I don't know how you do it! You masquerade 5 days a week as a chef, you cook and clean and shop for your home, and somewhere in between all of this, you find the time to demo the bathroom, renovate and redecorate, update us on it, AND eat and sleep, (when time allows, I guess!). !

    WOW! LOVE your grandmother's lace tablecloth as a curtain, it just is more uniform, with cleaner lines, inviting the natural sunlight to warm the space, too. I really like the tiles, but prefer the wainscoting, anywhere, actually, just love the cottage-y, farmhouse effect it evokes. The driftwood sign, with its simple message is serene and perfect for this scene of overall calmness. And speaking of calmness, I won't be able to relax until I see that particular pale pastel on the walls, you promised! Kudos to you, kiddo!


  4. I tried to reply 3 different times on my iPad to no avail. I finally decided to use the computer.

    LOVE the new look . . . the tablecloth as a curtain is brilliant . . . the stenciled driftwood is great and the message is perfect.

  5. It's amazing how I love your bathroom now! I love the beadboard, so cottage-y and cosy. I also like the new window treatment and the driftwood. The room is very serene and I would spend my day there and not go to work if I were you...

  6. Fiona, your bathroom is going to be wonderful! I love that sign and it's perfect for a bath. I need a sign for mine. I'm looking forward to seeing more as well as what you've done with that cute chair. (Glad to know you saved those tiles!)

  7. It's looking good Fiona. What does your brother think?

  8. oh, fiona, i LOVE the changes! so soft and pretty! your stenciled sign is fabulous, too!

  9. This has turned out just perfect! I love the sign, the wood walls and the wall cabinet. Your brother was so right about replacing the wood blind with the tablecloth. It's a bit of whimsy that softens the hard surfaces and who doesn't want more light in a room! It's nice to lie in the bath and be able to see sky or stars.

  10. Wow! what a transformation! I adore that driftwood - I must get down to the beach more often see what iIcan find - its perfect! CJ

  11. Oh my word. That tablecloth as a window treatment is dreeeeamy. Love the turned legs on that chair also.

  12. Wow! I didn't realize how far behind I was on my blog reading! Sorry about that!


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