Wednesday, 12 March 2014

giving my chair a little bit of storage

I bought these two chairs a couple of years ago from a charity shop. I really liked the one with the barley twist legs and thought I'd leave the other one. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my bff was with me and you know how bff's love to spend your money for you, so I came home with both.

I painted them both in AS Old White and then realised that I actually preferred the one with the wavy back and detailed front legs, so I did it up for my guest room.

The other one sat sad and dejected, unwaxed and unloved for ages, until I moved back here and decided it belonged in my bathroom.
Now that I'm giving my bathroom a mini makeover, my chair needed finishing, but I also need a place to store toilet rolls so I came up with a little solution.
Here is the chair, pre-finishing with a white basket balancing underneath, but on the right because there is only one crossbar.
Solution, add a couple more crossbars.
I got my brother to cut one and then I did the other one and thank goodness for filler because neither of us got our measurements right !
And now I have a chair with storage, and it's the perfect size for 8 toilet rolls, because there's no room for them in the cabinet I made over.
I took off the faux brown leather, and stencilled a bit of fabric with some numbers and re-covered it. I stole this idea from somewhere but can't remember where I saw it, sorry. I also scrounged the fabric from my artist friend David and the basket came from Ikea ages ago, so I haven't spent any money on this at all.

I'm glad I didn't distress the new tongue and groove, because the chair would be lost if I did, and I like the different textures together. I've also convinced myself that the bath isn't acidic yellow, it's looks white to you too, doesn't it !!
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  1. love both chairs . . . love the way you solved your toilet paper issue - I just solved my storage issue too . . . love the way the bathroom is coming together.

  2. Acidic Yellow sounds like a band.
    I have already swooned over this chair, in your post with the fantastic girly curtain!
    I cannot measure properly. I have a friend that I swear he can throw the saw and the wood both up in the air and the cut comes out perfect. I measure twice, cut once, swear, measure again.....

  3. What a clever way to repurpose your vintage chair! Now you've got me looking around my house to see what I can change into a storage unit. Your bathroom is coming along nicely, Fiona!

  4. Both chairs are very pretty! How clever your storage solution ;) Your white bathroom is looking great!

  5. That chair is the perfect compliment to your white bathtub. The storage solution is very clever.

  6. I love both chairs too, but I think I like this one best because it multitasks! What a great idea to add the basket underneath. You've just made me realize that I have room for a chair in my new bathroom. Something I never thought about before!

  7. Fiona you are so creative and come up with some brilliant ideas - love the extra rails underneath to add storage! the chair looks bril - I love the numbers,CJ

  8. Before I even finished reading this post, I jumped up and looked at the side chairs in my house to see which ones could have extra rungs added. Love what you did with the chair and love the genius storage idea even more! I'm not hating the yellow tub at all. It's quirky enough to be cool. Pinning

  9. What a fabulous idea Fiona - and I love how the chair looks - that's one gorgeous makeover.
    Acidic yellow bathtub ?
    I see white !
    I've been missing in action I know - drowning in reno's here :(
    Have a wonderful wknd!

  10. Aren't you a smart one. Great idea and it looks wonderful too.

  11. so clever and pretty, too, fiona! have a great week!

  12. Uh duh! What a great idea! Maybe I should do that to all my chairs!


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