Monday, 2 September 2013

a few quid, some wonga or extra spondulies # 3

I have a list a mile long of things I need for this house. Top of the list is a rug to cover the threadbare carpet left by the tenants. Then there's the chair I desperately want recovered, because I can't bear looking at the topiary tree fabric any more. Then there's this and that and a lot of other things.

What I didn't need was an extra piece of furniture to go along my only free wall downstairs. I always loved this tongue and groove wall, with nothing in front of it except my tree at Christmas. I have never even hung anything on it because with so much stuff everywhere else, I felt I needed the blank space.

This is my blank wall, with the understairs cupboard that has a pebble handle, and oops, there's the hoover cord !

So what do I go and do. I buy something I don't need, but that I fell in love with.

I bought this..........

It's odd how the paint has chipped off everywhere except the middle section and the door on the right.

A very chippy, shabby old cabinet, with a marble top and great details. I went and looked at it three times to make sure I loved it enough, and to check the measurements. It only just fits between the architrave of the hall door and the understairs cupboard.

I love the carved detail on the front and on the corners, and the escutcheons are really pretty. I even have the original key, although unfortunately the lock mechanism is missing on the right hand side.

I cleaned it up, and scrubbed the marble top which was really dirty and covered in candle wax.

Then I had the best task, shopping my house trying to find stuff to put on it !
I tried this fake plant, which looked great, but then I missed it being on the table under the mirror.
The view through to the hall.

The view from the hall - this side doesn't have much chipping either.
 Then I tried my storm lantern with candle and driftwood, but I missed it off the dining room table !


What it really needed was something large, like a lamp, something I didn't have.

Which meant only one thing - I needed to go shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you're wondering, the cabinet was £135, which means that I have spent about £180 so far (if you've been following along). And my last little bit of shopping (that I will show you next time) only took the total to about £200, which is only just over half of my overtime pay, so I'm still not feeling guilty about my little splurge..........


  1. I think going back 3 times proves that you NEEDED that wonderful piece.

    I know what you mean about moving something and not being happy with the spot it left.

    I can't wait to see what you come home with.

    I like the view into the dining area.


  2. Fiona, I love your new marble topped chippy goodness! It looks perfect there! x

  3. I love that piece! The details on the front are wonderful. What a great find. So glad you picked it up. And it looks perfect in front of that tongue and groove wall!

  4. You have a lovely beach cottage style home! Happy fall Fiona!

  5. Love it! It has the perfect vibe. I am in search of a rug, as well. Black or white or gray or all three.

  6. Wow! however did you resist not buying the first time you saw it, I would have been fretting someone else would buy it! Its really lovely, cant wait to see what you put on it! CJ

  7. how lucky to find such a bit of charm--LOVE the carving and marble top and the chippy texture, fiona!! buying what you love is the way to go, huh?!

  8. This is just lovely and I love that you use the word 'spondulies' - my family always use it and I've never heard anyone else use it before. We MUST be family! F x

  9. Fantastic purchase, I love it. So once I played find the Hoover cord, I couldn't help but notice that other wall with the mirror. Does the new piece fit there? Just curious.

  10. Lovely! I could not have passed up that chippy cabinet either! Great excuse to go shopping too!

  11. This piece was meant for this space. The carved roses are to die for. It's perfect. I can't wait to see what you want to put on it!

  12. It's beautiful! Wonderfully chippy and with the fancy marble top. A perfect find.

  13. Great looking cabinet Fiona. So pretty against that wall. I am sure you will find the perfect piece for it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Be still my heart - chippy paint, beautiful detail and a marble top all in one gorgeous cabinet!


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