Sunday, 25 August 2013

a few quid, some wonga or extra spondulies # 2

So carrying on from the previous post, I spent some more dosh !

I was given a unit for my bathroom and it gave me a few ideas of how to give the bathroom a slightly new look without the expense of a whole new suite (which would be quite costly seeing as how I would love a small wall knocked out, a new shower, bath, toilet and a marble topped double sink unit !!).

This is the unit (next to my rather shabby old shower) with a pull out dirty linen basket. I seriously need some storage in here, so I'm going to change it (hopefully) and paint it to meet my requirements, but I spent some Wonga on the two baskets. One for the top to give it some height, and the smaller one that will hopefully display prettier things, when I'm done (although it doesn't look like it in the picture, they are actually the same colour).
In the same shop I also picked up the round mirror (yes, unfortunately I do have a yellow bath). The mirror has fluted edges, and I'll be painting it white ! There are also some letters sitting on the chair, that I'd been eyeing up in the shop for a while. They were on sale, so I picked up B.A.T.H.E. and when they're painted I hope they look good hung vertically beside the cabinet.
This little haul cost me approx. £30, so at this stage I wasn't quite done spending my extra spondulies !
I just thought I'd take a look in T K Maxx. I found nothing I really needed, nor seriously wanted, until I walked past three women engrossed in a few shelves of reduced stock behind the shoe section. There on the top shelf was this.....
a miniature greenhouse, on sale for £8.00 !!! YIPEE, and just missing a little handle.
I wouldn't have spent the original £24.99 it cost because I didn't love it enough at that price, but £8.00 is perfect for a thing I don't need or potentially have space for !
So now, my total spending was less than £50.00, but..........
it still didn't stop there, and I went LARGER, much larger, but I'll show you next time.............
And please don't hold your breath on the mini bathroom makeover, because I can't seem to focus.
I'm still working on the front garden, the back garden and a potting bench. I have big plans for my hall, my bedroom and I keep fussing about in the guest room too - ahhhh, if only I didn't have to work 5 days a week !!!


  1. Oh, I am loving learning about where and how you spend your quid, or spondulies or wonka.

    I saw something similar at TJ's, but I couldn't justify it. I am glad you got it.

  2. I am coming to visit. You need my help. (Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow, so I'm having to work.)

  3. Ha! - Time - my biggest enemy too! love everything can't wait to see it! CJ

  4. I like the yellow bathtub. It's perfect for a summer garden vibe! Once that room is all done up, you won't mind getting accidentally locked in there at all.

  5. the bath is looking great, fiona, and i LOVE the bitty greenhouse!! i never stay focused either:) have a great week!

  6. Well I guess go big or go home!

  7. I'm so happy you have a yellow bath! I have a green sink and now every time I complain about it, I'll think of your yellow bath and smile. I think the letters when in place will be great and I love, love the greenhouse: 8£ very well spent!

  8. An excellent use of spondulies!! I'm looking forward to a mini bathroom makeover...but patiently. Work just gets in the way of everything!

  9. There's never a happy medium, is there? Either you've got the time and no money, or some extra cash and no time. Ha!

    You've found some wonderful bargains! I won't be holding my breath. It's been almost 3 years and I'm still working on the same bedroom. :)

  10. Great finds! I love that mini greenhouse. So cool. I'm glad you spent some money on yourself! :)

  11. I could not have passed up that mini greenhouse ... you will have fun decorating with that.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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