Wednesday, 14 August 2013

a few quid, some wonga or extra spondulies # 1

In case all this is just gibberish to you, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm feeling a bit flush !
I have a few extra quid (pounds) in my pocket and it feels good.

When you've got some extra wonga the best thing to do is go spend it !

Definitely don't go and get yourself some new winter boots because both your pairs have holes in them !

Don't go get yourself some badly needed under garments (because let's face it, in my case there's no-one to see them anyway !).

Don't save it all for a rainy day because that day may never come !

DO go spend some because - RETAIL THERAPY IS GOOD FOR YOU !!!

The first thing I spent my spondulies on, was a load of plants, but more on that another day. Then I went straight down to the largest charity shop I know.

It's a massive warehouse that once housed an environmental project, hence the backgrounds painted with green rolling hills !

The small items are arranged in colour co-ordinated sections, red, green and blue although it's a bit unnecessary when one needs to look at everything !

But it not very cheap, so I left behind the two plates below, even though they are the willow pattern with gold detail, and I do love a bit of blue and gold. One is priced at £5 and one at £7 - YIKES !!

I also love these old scales, but I have some and these are extortionately priced at £25 (about $40) - super YIKES !
There were two of these gorgeous chairs at £35 each but again, I think that's too much, and I don't have the space anyway.

I nearly came home with the candle sconce sitting on the chair, but I wasn't loving the shape.
So what did I buy - well I got these two lovely Wedgewood soup plates, that I don't really need, but hey they are in perfect condition and only cost £2.50 for the two.
This cute little dutch dish, that cleaned up really well and is now a spoon rest for when I cook.

This metal planter, because I can't resist 'feet' and handles. The plastic flowers got thrown out and I think it'll get a makeover, although I quite like the little hand painted detail.

So what do you think, I didn't go too crazy did I, but the best is yet to come !
Yes the spending didn't stop there. More on that next time.
And the reason why I'm feeling flush, well I had a bit of a promotion.
I didn't particularly want the responsibility or the extra work load, but I seriously needed a pay rise.
Basically the head chef left and I was offered his job, so I took it.
I don't have his chef-ing skills, because I'm not a professional but I'm trying to keep up his standard.
It also means that I don't have his wage, but my wage has gone up enough to make a difference, so it's so nice to have a few extra sheckles to spend.
I've also been doing, and been paid for, a lot of overtime, so the retail therapy takes the edge off my aching limbs !


  1. Sometimes you just don't want to be practical and it's much more fun to splurge. You maintained a lot of self-control. I want those scales.

    I love the words wonga and spondulies. I was already familiar with quid.

    Can't wait to see what else you bought.

    CONGRATS on the raise!

  2. Oh my gosh, Fi--I LOVE the Dutch dish (I am in love with anything Dutch) and I would have bought the scale. But that's me. Congratulations on the promotion!

  3. Congratulations on the promotion! You deserve to treat yourself. I don't think you went to crazy but then you haven't shown the rest of what you bought. Can't wait to see the rest! You got some great pieces! :)

  4. yay on your new job, fiona! overtime is a big help, too! i love your new goodies--great post!
    have a great weekend!

  5. Well first of all congrats on your promotion. Even though the words quid, wonga, and spondulies made me want seafood....

  6. Well done! that's fantastic news, and what better way to spend your extra cash! I love all your finds - especially the soup plates, agree with you though the other prices are a bit high, one never likes to ask for "their best price" in a charity shop, although I'm often tempted! cant wait to see what's coming next! CJ

  7. I think we're much alike. My father keeps telling me: "What? You don't have this and that (insert name of useful items), but you have tons of plates when you only need one to eat from!!!" I understand your need for therapy and your kind of therapy! I want one of those English old scales as well, but the ones I found until now were too expensive.

  8. Oh, and congratulations on being the chef! I'm sure you'll do fantastic.

  9. Congrats on the promotion and way to celebrate! I'm loving that footed planter..great find! I always loved it when W.C Fields said, "Oh yes! The elusive spondulies of life!"

  10. Way to go with the promotion Fiona! I love everything you bought so far and can't wait to see what's to come! My favs are the white dishes and the metal planter.

  11. Fiona,

    KUDOS on your promotion!! Don underestimate yourself; you may not be professionally trained or schooled on culinary matters, but you DO have the experience!! And, so glad you rewarded yourself with those lovely treasures! Love the planter and the Dutch plate and can't wait what else you have to show us! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Of course you needed all those things you bought. Else, you would not have done it, right? Congratualtions, chef Fiona! Is there anything you can't do?

  13. Congrats on the promotion! Retail therapy is the best treatment of all for whatever ails you.


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