Friday, 27 September 2013

a little bit of this and that !

Don't you find that some of the little changes you do, make you smile as much as bigger projects.

I am working on a couple of larger things at the moment but I'm so pleased that I finally......

found something to put in this trio of pots. I have had them for at least 15 years, and most of the time they have been empty.
Sometimes I put cyclamens in them, but I wanted something more permanent and when I was dusting I put the coral in one and thought 'that's it' - I just went with beach stuff, the coral, seaweed and a bit of rusty metal.
They look cute on the metre box shelf with other beach finds. I also swapped the birdcage for my new mini greenhouse and put some books, a plate and a couple of Noritake coffee cups inside.
I've been looking at the shiny brass of my chandelier for ages and finally.......
put some white paint on it (I'm now wondering whether I should have tried to age the brass !?!) and gave it a pale blue silk bandage, because all chandeliers need bandages !
Anyway, white or aged brass, I'm just happy with the piece of silk I found in my stash, because it suits the dining room.
I also finally took the plug off my driftwood lamp, fed the wire down the back of the cabinet, and re-attached it.

You can see it coming out the front in this picture. Trust me (I didn't think an after shot was necessary!), it now goes down the back and into the plug socket that is actually inside the cupboard.
It only took me seven months to get around to this - not bad huh !
I found the one thing I'd been looking for, to finish off the styling of my new cabinet..................
Amaretti biscuits to go into my little cheese dome/cloche. I love the little green and blue papers, perfect for my buffet.
And the one thing that is really really making me smile is changing the door on this bathroom cabinet from this.........
to this.........................
I'm chuffed to bits, because I changed the door myself.
I took the door off and the laundry bin section, and bought new hinges that matched the top section, and then spent a couple of hours re-fitting the door. I had to take it off once and start again because I learnt have to attach the hinges to the door first, then fit the door to the frame.
Some of you are shouting at me 'I know that'. Well, I didn't and now I do, and it fits and hangs straight, yippee.
All these simple things make me smile (not the dusting, or the plate sitting on the bin), because a little bit of this and that does you good !


  1. Love this post, love your pots, your lamp, your corners, Love it


  2. I want to see a picture of the before lamp cord. JUST KIDDING! But is being chuffed to bits, like being tickled pink? I want some chicken wire on your new door. I realize that would involve more than new hinges, but now that you've got that down pat, you are ready for the next big deal.

  3. We are sisters in the art of procrastination! It often takes me months to tackle a simple project, but I think our work schedules give us a valid excuse. Your little changes are making your home all the more cozy for the winter months ahead. Kudos to you for changing the cupboard door!

  4. you should be chuffed to bits, fiona! these little details looks fabulous:) i'm most impressed with that cabinet door...i could never have gotten that back on straight:) happy weekend!

  5. You seem so in tune with this house that you always hit it right on the mark. I honestly feel that I could just move in there and not change a thing!

  6. Looking cozy and comfy and so very creative! I know exactly how you feel re: the door repair as sometimes we automatically assume that it is something we're not wired to do, as women. BUT, when we DO get it right, it is absolute BLISS! Kudos to you for all your persistence and pretty, yet practical changes!


  7. I did not know that you had to put the hinges on the door first! Obviously I have not changed out a door yet...but thanks for saving me the future frustration! Electrical cords drive me crazy. I saw Martha Stewart wrapped hers all in embroidery thread once...not doin that!

  8. All the little things can take so much time actually, but they make us smile every time we see them done! I love your idea for the cloche. I was thinking to collect pine cone for mine... But it's a little thing I haven't had the time to do! And I love the corner of the living room with the fireplace and driftwood lamp!

  9. Boy, you have been busy. The lamp plug and the cabinet door. You inspire me to find a project for tomorrow that is long overdue. I have lots.

  10. totally luv the greenhouse!

    enjoy *~*

  11. Love all the changes you are making. And that mini greenhouse is lovely! Congrats on changing the cupboard door yourself!

  12. I just found you via Maureen's blog. What a great place you have here, love it. I am your newest follower.

  13. These things make me smile too! Did you make your driftwood lamp. I've probably told you a million times that I'm planning on making one...but of course I have not done it yet. Any tips?


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