Tuesday, 9 July 2013

my front garden

This was the front of my house, when I bought it more than ten years ago.

There was a lovely Canadian maple growing over the front of the house, but it grew from a neighbours house, and unfortunately they cut it down.
(Sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I don't have a scanner, so they are photos of photos !).

I didn't like the ugly black box hiding the gas metre, or the grass, or the non-evergreen plants, that I knew nothing about.
Up till then I hadn't even owned a house plant !

So we (me and the previous old  geezer) changed it
to this -

A pretty patio, with lots of blue plants, delphiniums, clematis, lobelia, felicia, and some Mediterranean style plants, a parlour palm and cordyline. I also painted the gas box to match the bricks !
And we changed the door to this -

I drew up the design and we knew someone who did stained glass, but it was the previous old geezer's very
good idea, to have all the door furniture chromed.
As my lovely blogger friends know, when I moved back here recently, I took a picture of my little old house.
But I couldn't wait to fill up my window boxes, and put some pot plants out.

The gas box has faded somewhat, so I need to paint it again; and the plants have grown somewhat !
And I had great fun, cleaning up the patio with a jet spray last week (a present from the usual place).

Jet spray fun


 I would love to buy a whole lot more plants, and I have an old dustbin I'd like to use, but all in good time.
I also love the view of my garden from the living room.
And I'm really enjoying going to garden centres again, learning about plants again, and remembering all their names.
And nothing much is happening inside, because I'm working on the back garden now.
At least for once, here in the UK, the weather is great !
Before and after - almost the same view !
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  1. I love your garden. The patio looks great! So glad you're enjoying your home again!

  2. what a charming place
    you've created

    i adore the deep blue door
    and the flagstones and plantings

    well done!


  3. It looks like a tropical paradise! I love your pretty blue door with the stained glass and chrome accents, too. Enjoy your lovely weather, Fiona!

  4. Wow Fiona! What a beautiful place! YOUR FRONT DOOR IS WONDERFUL! I love it! I like your house a lot, you have worked very hard. Congratulations!


  5. Great idea for the gas box Fiona! The blues are also a terrific pop of color for the front space. I like the patio more than the grassy spot too! Keep up the good work!

  6. That is so pretty Fiona, gardening is such a rewarding pastime, I'm not surprised you have started on the back garden now! CJ

  7. It looks so nice and alive now. Just like you. I wonder if doing a stain wash on the faux brick would work?


  8. What a beautiful transformation! Love all the touches of blue, and can't wait to see the back garden. Mary Anne

  9. A faux brick finish on the gas box was a brilliant idea! Imagine being able to have palm trees outdoors all year. I'd love that. If I ever get a day free from rain (you sent us your weather, didn't you?) I'll be cleaning and resealing my patio. Your front entrance is perfect!

  10. What a charming patch. I have an ugly very tiny front garden that I want to make-over some day and I'll keep your ideas in mind. In Brittany as well, we're enjoying some summery weather, it was about time!

  11. Wow! What a difference! Kudos to you; love your blue door!


  12. It's amazing what can happen when plants grow! The door is gorgeous. I'd say chroming was a great idea. I never would have thought the stone pavers would clean up like that. Nice job. Glad to hear you are gardening.

  13. Do you have friends to get cuttings from?

    Today I uprooted 15 calla lilys and 2 fortnight lilys (not sure the real name) and moved them around my garden. My next door neighbor and her husband can no longer garden and she mentioned she wanted something easy on the side of her house. I went over and planted 5 calla lilys in her back and 4 of the other lilys along her side fence. It was no loss to my garden since the callas think they own the place and grow where the feel like. It was no cost to them.

  14. So much better after Fiona! I love that faux painted brick gas box. Amazing! Thank you for sharing this at the Inspiration Cafe's Bloomin Marvelous Link party!


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