Tuesday, 16 July 2013

for Bliss

If a friend has a party, you really wanna go, right !

Then you realise it's a Christmas party in July !


You can't be thinking about Christmas, it's an unbelievably hot summer in the South of England, and Christmas is way off, like about 6 months lol !

But it's a friend, a special friend who many know and love, so you TRY to think of something.......................

Then you have lightbulb moment and you give it a go.
Giving it a go lasts all of one minute and you decide you can't be bothered, coz IT'S SUMMER and pottering in the garden seems like loads more fun.

Then stupidly you mention to the party host - the one that you know (coz there are actually three party hosts), that you had a little idea but probably won't get round to !

Then you know that you have made a true friend, a friend that you would love to meet someday (and so would many others, so you'd have to get in the queue) because she starts bossing you around !

She starts telling you what to do and how to do it, and just come to the party anyway.

So, how can you let a friend down, especially a bossy one !

Then you do something that all good friends do, you completely ignore her and go back to your original idea.

Last Christmas I created some no cost decs for the beach café where I work ..............................

so I had a little idea to start on this years decorations, using the vegetable crates that I keep bringing home.

Carefully take one apart with some pliers. Rip it coz you don't have the patience to do anything else.
Hot glue gun six pieces together, stamp Merry Christmas on it in different languages, add some little stars.
Then photograph it all over your house to make it look like you've made loads.

Feel happy that you made it to the party and didn't let your friend down and ALSO that you made a start on Christmas 2013, because actually it turned out ok, and what's more, it was completely FREE.
(Apologies Bliss, I tried to make a driftwood reindeer as you suggested, but it didn't look nearly as good as your log reindeer, in fact it was rubbish. Do I get an A* for effort ???).


  1. I love it!

    I might use some stir sticks from the paint store.

  2. Fiona it's awesome, I love it and I'm pinning it. And I got one of those little smiles on my face reading this post feeling very loved so thank you for that and thank you for linking. Was I really bossy?

    Bliss :)

  3. Your wooden white painted snowflake is so fresh and festive! Great job!

  4. I love what you made! So darn cute. And that friend of yours...a friend of mine...and I too didn't want to let her down but I cheated and linked up a couple of posts that I did last year because I just don't have the time. :)

  5. :D I love the pics all around the house, so funny! You ended with a very cute project! I remember that chili pepper tree... that was hot!

  6. So cute! Thanks for joining the party fun and sharing with Christmas in July!!

  7. it's very cute, fiona! i'll hop over and see what everyone linked up:) tfs!

  8. Adorable! I missed this post, somehow. I love your new blog header, too!

  9. coming your way from Bossy Bliss's features post. This is a great project and I love that it was free! Way to go! Happy to be your newest GFC follower.

  10. Oh I love Bossy Bliss! You're a better friend than I am cuz I never made it to the party. Love the stars.


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