Wednesday, 24 July 2013

my fairy Godmother

Holly, over at Full Circle Creations has a 'free stuff fairy' in the form of her Aunt Barb, who brings her great stuff to turn into greater stuff.

Well I have a Fairy Godmother in the form of Pandy's mother. If you have been here before, you will know that Pandy and her mother are always giving me things. It's pretty constant and I know I am very lucky.
I think I'll call Pandy - the Fairy Princess, because she's into bling (way too much) she's into pink (way too much) and she's into perfection (definitely way too much for me !).

Luckily the Fairy Princess is in Spain at the moment, so she won't be reading this !

Anyway, I digress.

About three weeks ago my fairy Godmother gave me possibly the biggest present you could give someone, aside from a house, or a boat.

Yes, she gave me a car !!!

This lovely silver Ford Fiesta Ghia with leather upholstery in almost perfect condition.

Everyone in the family upgraded, so they had a spare car, and very generously, they decided that I needed one, because I was driving round in a very old, rusty and beaten up Vauxhall Corsa.
My poor little car was on it's last legs. I was told in January that it would only last about a year, so she went for scrap !
I am definitely very lucky and very grateful and LOVE LOVE LOVE my new car !


  1. OH WOW! What a wonderful Fairy Princess you have! What wonderful friends you have! I am so happy for you! My vehicle is currently on it's last leg too. So I'm car shopping, trying to find the best deal and the best thing I can afford. Congrats on the new car! :)

  2. oh my gosh--such kind hearted friends you have, fiona:) enjoy it!

  3. Fiona I'm so happy that you have so good friends to love you and think of you! Wish I had a fairy Godmother too, giving me cars and everything. We happen to have the same car model and I'm sure you'll find it "immortal"!

  4. What a lovely thing to gift you with! Your Fairy friends are fabulous and love you dearly obviously-congratulations!!

  5. I have a feeling that Princess Pandy wouldn't be gifting anything to someone she didn't think was deserving. Quite a testament to the person Pandy surely knows you are.


  6. You do have a fairy godmother! What a lovely new car! Hope it gets you to many fun places. x

  7. They must love you a lot! How nice to have such wonderful friends who care about you so much. :)

  8. I think I love your fairy godmother for gifting you with a safe (and really nice looking) car! You are going to be HOT cruising around on those wheels!

  9. How nice to have a fairy godmother! Mine also gifted me an old car four years ago and it has helped me tremendously! Have nice rides with your new fairy tale coach!

  10. Wow Fiona hunni - how awesome!!!! You so deserve it girl. Yay for amazing friends xxxx

  11. That is terrific! God has truly blessed you.

    Harvest Lane Cottage

  12. You are so blessed, and deserving, to have Pandy and her mother in your life.

  13. How wonderful for you! Fairy godmothers must be a wonderful thing to have...

  14. Congratulations on your new car, Fiona! Your new car really looks great! You know how you can make it look better? You can have its paint redone to your liking and choose the color combination you like. Good luck on your future endeavors!

    Todd Valiente @ Guanella Auto Body


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