Saturday, 18 May 2013

on the never never !

The sofa I had in this house before, is now in a friend's house, and they literally finished off their extension around it. They said if I wanted it back I would have to take out a door and a whole door frame, so I left it !

My second option was to buy one on the never never. Buy it now and pay for it later, which seems like never at first and then goes on forever and ever.
I couldn't get the credit, as they obviously thought that I wouldn't pay for it EVER !

Then I had a call from my BFF saying she had bought it for me !
I have mentioned Pandy before, still the bestest friend in the world  - ever !
I have to pay her back of course, but that won't be never, hopefully it will be in the not too distant future (I can't keep the rhyming up any more !).
It's just cream with buttoning on the arms and below the seat. It came with two of the cushions below, which are ok, but I'll make some more sometime.

It's not practical at all, with a dog, so mostly I keep it covered in throws.
This was the living room when I first got the keys back, you can see the very worn carpet in the middle.
Now it looks a little better.

You will probably recognise most things from before, at the old geezers place.
I love the tongue and groove wall that we put up when I lived here before, and the slimline cupboard behind the table, that houses the electric metre.
I don't think I have shown this barley twist table before, but I'm happy that it didn't sell on ebay, because it fits in pretty well here.

On the other side of the room, the cupboards were here when I bought the house, and we put the floating shelves up ourselves.
I just got my log-burner back today actually, with the help of my brother and the old geezer, and I need to take the plug off that lamp and feed it down the back and wire it up again as there is a socket in the cupboard.
This chair also came from Pandy, well her garage. It's in really good condition, though not covered to my taste, so I may just try and make a slip cover for it someday (don't hold your breath).
The view from living room to dining room and then kitchen.

The first job I really need to tackle is fitting some doors to this cabinet, that we never finished. I know what I want, it's just a case of how to achieve it.

Hopefully this won't be a never ever project but a someday very soon project.


  1. It certainly looks much better now than before! Enjoy your new sofa Fiona, you're lucky to have a friend like Pandy!

  2. Such a cute place you have there...I love that little table! I'm glad you are settling back in.


  3. That sofa is very pretty, I love the buttoning! Everything looks so good, like you never left!

  4. It's so beachy and so very you! I'm glad you brought the driftwood lamp with you. It's one my favourite pieces. I'm so glad you have such a good friend to help you over the rough patches. You must have stockpiled a lot of good karma!

  5. Your new digs are looking wonderful. Going with the cream is brave. I went with the white slipcovers last summer and while they wash easily, taking them on and off is not so easy. My sofa usually has a quilt on in which is much easier to take on and off.

    You are blessed with a special friend like Pandy.

  6. I love your house, it's similar to my style. even the white sofa, I purchased a white one because it was the cheapest I found, I have no dogs but I have two children so....I always have my sofa covered, thanks for sharing you house.

    Marina from Spain

  7. You've got your house looking so warm and cozy already! The tongue and groove wall adds so much character and your new sofa is a wonderful splurge. You've got a fine friend indeed!

  8. Your place is looking amazing!! It´S all done!
    I love it all so neutral. It looks cozy too!

  9. Beautiful Fiona just beautiful, really homely as-well.CJ

  10. I don't want to sound like a broken record...but wow! is everything looking wonderful! Love the barley twist table and the mini cupboard at the other end of the couch makes a wonderful little shelf. I didn't even realize it wasn't a shelf. I love how it makes another level of interest by the round table. Enjoy your nesting!
    PS did you make your driftwood lamp? I'm getting ready to make one and if you have any tips let me know!

  11. I love what you did did with the room decor. It is bright and provides a serene feeling!!

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    a beautiful maison

  12. love the new sofa--great friend! this room is full of charm--tongue and groove, fireplace and built-ins are lovely!

  13. Hi Fiona,

    Love the new couch; very pretty with nice, clean lines, but yeah, not so fitting for your furry friend, although, nothing that a smart cover couldn't fix! The room is so peaceful and calm. I'm also a fan of wainscoting, and it looks lovely here in this space!



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