Wednesday, 5 June 2013

the kitchen

When I got the keys back, this is what the kitchen looked like, not bad really, considering I had tenants in here for seven years.

There is a space on the left for the washing machine. The fridge goes on the right. The boiler has never looked nice, but to build a cupboard around it, means filling in the cute little window.
I painted and distressed all the mdf doors, that we had made, and the little tongue and groove upstand, that sits around the worktop.

I had the larder cupboard built, with the dentil cornice, and painted the pine shelving in blue so that the kitchen didn't look like it was off the shelf.
My favourite part is the slate tile floor - I did some paint effects for someone, in exchange for these tiles.
I took the blinds down because they were really stained and covered in 'sticky dust', and it didn't take long to fill it all up !
There is a long list on the chalkboard, for my brother to do, which includes painting the wall outside the kitchen door - er white !!!
I like to think that my dog looks as perfect as the one in the calendar !

This shelf, I brought with me from the other house, and is definitely a favourite place to display stuff.

I might paint this piece white as well, as you know I just love a bit of white, and I think it's time for a change.
The view through the dining room and hall, to the front door with the stained glass.

I have a long wish list for this kitchen, but the main things are to paint the cupboards. I was thinking of a very soft grey. I have mixed Farrow and Ball's Lamp Room Grey with white before and it's a lovely colour. Then I will probably paint the blue piece. I am not sure about the distressing, but it may come through, as I used candle wax to inhibit the paint - silly me !
Then I really need to address the light fitting, as it's just ghastly, and the back door, and the windows, and the hob .....................................
I have to go now, my brother is in the garden pulling up weeds, and I need to go supervise
(but don't tell him I said that, or the neighbours will hear some colourful language !)



  1. That is an adorable kitchen! I think the light grey cabinets would be lovely. The wax may have worn off the cabinets over time. Hope all is going well living with your brother!

  2. Looks awesome! So cute. Have fun changing it up.

  3. I like your kitchen and I hope you enjoy your reform. Good luck!


  4. A great space to work with, can't wait to see the progress, it will look fab once you are done,(looks pretty good already)CJ

  5. it's very cute, fiona! i kind of love that blue cabinet:) what a great brother to help you around the house!

  6. There is no place like home.


  7. What a cute kitchen. I love that blue shelf! I can't wait to see what else you do with it. I bet it feels good to be home.

  8. I love your kitchen with the big window facing the garden. The cabinets are going to look wonderful freshened up with new paint. The tall cabinet and blue wall shelf add so much character to the room. Some paint, a new light, and you'll be all set!

  9. That's a pretty big kitchen with lots of counter space. I'm envious! Here I am peering at every little detail. This house seems to have more natural light than your last one. I think the kitchen looks great if you didn't change a single thing!

  10. 1. The kitchen is in really good condition after 7 years of rent.
    2. Your dog looks exactly like the one in the calendar!
    3. Do not paint the blue shelf, it's perfect as it is, matching
    with your pottery.
    4. Do paint the cupboards a soft grey, sounds awesome.
    5. I won't tell your brother you're supervising him! lol!
    6. Cant wait to see the After photos of your lovely kitchen!

  11. Your new/old kitchen is so charming Fiona! So many great pieces tucked here and there. I think the blue shelf would look terrific distressed in white. Hey, I have that same slate floor tile in my new home now and love all the color it has in it. Love the tall chalkboard too!

  12. I like what you have done so far with the kitchen. It seems like you are in the right place and enjoying fixing it up again.

  13. It´s a nice and bright kitchen!!! It has gained a lot with all the accesories.
    I really like that upper shelf in blue!! Why do you want to paint it white? I know how crazy you are about white, and it´ll look very nice too.
    Keep showing the updates in the house!

  14. I am excited for the new look of your kitchen! You seem to have a lot of ideas, and I agree with you about painting the wall outside your kitchen door white. Your place will look cleaner and brighter because of that. Please update us!
    Pro Master

  15. I love your kitchen, it has so much natural light. The blue shelf is darling and the slate is to die for.

  16. Fiona,

    Thanks for letting me know about this post on your sweet and charming kitchen-in-the-works - kind of like 'design on demand TV'!:) LOVE both your white shelf and all its cute trinkets and the bigger, grey/blue one for the same reason. Your kitchen is warm and friendly, just like you, and I'm sure your guests love visiting and taking their tea in such a cozy room, with a very attentive hostess!



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