Monday, 8 October 2012

my imaginary shop !

For quite some time, I have been creating items for an imaginary shop. I had some success with furniture on ebay, but a few things didn't sell. I've also been working on some little gifts (since last Christmas actually - doesn't time fly !).

My studio is getting overloaded, so I need to sell some of the following pieces, in the not too distant future.

A decoupaged letter rack with cute little feet. The postcards are from The Graphics Fairy and Knick of Time Interiors. The stamps are mine.

It started out life like this.

Another letter rack, painted the same way as this little table.

My favourite pieces are of framed cutlery. These are really hard to photograph, so apologies for the quality of the pictures.

All the box frames are from charity shops. I spray painted the cutlery and rubbed it back a bit. I used little bits of organza ribbon to give a little focal point, and various back papers, some stained with tea. And of course, my trusty hot glue gun.

I've also been collecting keys, and this is the only one I've used so far.

I took some of my goodies to a place in Arundel where there is a co-operative. I can have a shelf, or two or three to display stuff, for a fee, but I also have to work there once a month. I don't mind that, but I won't be allowed to sell decoupaged or 'worded' pieces, because these would clash with other people's work. I felt it was all a bit small minded, so haven't gone back - yet !

My bff Pandy is trying to organise a Christmas party in another friend's house, where I will be able to sell some things, and then of course, there is etsy. I basically need a big kick up the derrier, to make me move on with all this stuff.

Pandy is coming down in a couple of weeks to do just that. She's also found loads more box frames for me, and is working on her own things (she did the little button heart above).

Sharing all this with you has made me realise, that I really would love to make more of this stuff.
I think Pandy needs to get her kicking boots on !!!


  1. I love them all. They are adorable and that shop is so wrong to not let you sell them there. I think you need to open that Etsy shop, just in time for Christmas.


  2. Good for you Fiona. Too bad that little shop has such a narrow view on things. Their loss obviously. But, it just means that you'll get into some place better. Best wishes that you get it all sold and have fun doing it.

  3. I think a Christmas boutique is just the ticket for you. I've sold in boutiques and if you have the right combination of items that complement each other, you'll do very well. Add some festive music, tea and cookies and you'll be selling out the house!

  4. I hope Pandy gets you in gear. You have created some wonderful pieces. I did a Christmas boutique in a friend's home twice and had a great time. I was recently invited to join another boutique, but with working, it is hard. When I retire I want to do Etsy and a Christmas boutique. Good luck!

  5. Have you thought of Etsy? I don't really know how it works, but I believe that anyone who is able to create beautiful and interesting things can sell there. Do some research, maybe you'll get lucky.

  6. You should definitely try Etsy. You have some beautiful pieces and I'm sure they will sell quickly.

  7. They are beautiful, It's a pitty I live in Spain but I think you can be lucky in the weeks before Christmas. My dream is to have a shop with recicled items and handmade items.

    Good luck

  8. Message to Pandy:
    Fio makes cute stuff. Kick her.


  9. How about I give you a kick to put this wonderful stuff out there? You know I'm forever pinning it! ~ Maureen

  10. Consider yourself kicked. You are quite talented and your creations are perfectly charming. You can tell you are an artist and not "just" a crafter.

  11. Beautiful accessories.... LOVELY !


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